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How To Write Copy That Sells With Seb Greenwood

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Crafting compelling copy is an art form. But most business owners don’t have the time (or the skill) to write their own copy for their websites. So, they often outsource content creation to professional copywriters such as my guest on this podcast episode, Seb Greenwood.

Seb is a gifted marketer and an extremely talented copywriter with an innate ability to write words that make people take action. He’s generated hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of well-crafted sales letters across multiple sectors and works closely with our clients to help them create marketing that engages, compels and converts.

Seb is not just a copywriter though – he’s a dab hand at creating marketing strategies that work. He’s also extremely hands-on with our private clients, providing them with the advice and support that gets their marketing working for them.

An ardent Tottenham Hotspur fan, Seb loves a real ale, a nice single malt and a weekend with his wife and baby boys.

On the podcast we discussed:

  • The importance of having high-quality and compelling copy on your website
  • Common mistakes people make with their copy and how to avoid them
  • How to write content that speaks to the reader and compels them to engage with your business
  • Why you should start looking at your website as a sales letter for your business
  • The three stages of a winning sales formula and how to implement this formula in your website copy
  • Mastering the art of crafting compelling headlines
  • Tips for creating prospect focused content built around your business
  • Deciding whether to use long-form copy or short and concise content to sell your product or services
  • The importance of breaking up content and making it more “reader friendly” with a variety of design elements
  • Why you should get into the habit of writing
  • How to write readable content that people can relate to
  • Developing a consistent content marketing strategy and how to use compelling content to build loyal relationships with your customers
  • Much more!

How To Write Copy That Sells With Seb Greenwood

Thank you for listening!

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