How To Use Your Website To Become An Authority

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How To Use Your Website To Become An Authority

How To Use Your Website To Become An Authority

Being seen as an authority in your field has so many positive effects on your brand, the types of clients you attract and the money you earn.

In this week’s podcast episode, we look at the ways you can position yourself as an authority, not only in the eyes of your potential customers but also with Google.

Find out about:

  • Google’s core algorithm changes and how it could impact your Google E-A-T (Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness) rating
  • Why you should get your content written by an expert within your field
  • How to integrate writer’s authority in blog posts, articles and website content etc.
  • Using rich snippets in your author bios to help increase your site’s authority
  • The importance of making sure your content is well written and user-focused
  • SEO best practice tips for improving your website’s ranking position on SERP’s
  • Displaying accreditations and certifications on your website that prove you’re an expert in your industry
  • Leveraging video and imagery as social proof to help build your authority online
  • The advantages of collaborating with experts in your industry
  • Why you should consider guest posting to help build backlinks from credible websites
  • Why you should focus on long-form content (1000 to 1500+ words) rather than shorter pieces of content
  • How to promote your content to help build brand awareness
  • Using testimonials that are specific and talk about the problems you solved and the results you got people rather than a generic testimonial that has no real impact
  • The importance of your website design in establishing yourself as an authority


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How To Use Your Website To Become An Authority

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