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Let Us Create Your Perfect Lead Generation Focused Website and help you increase your Google rankings with our proven wordpress web design services

Conversion Focused

Supercharge your business with our lead-generating websites. From optin forms to sales funnels, we can create anything you need to drive sales.

SEO & Mobile Optimised

Boost your online presence with our SEO-focused websites that are sure to attract Google's attention. Get found online with our expertly designed sites that check all the boxes for optimal search engine rankings.

Trusted WordPress Agency

Experience the best in WordPress web design with our top-rated agency. With over 100 stunning websites currently live, we have earned rave reviews from satisfied clients.

Expand your reach and get better results online

Turn your website into a silent saleman

A specialised WordPress Web Design Agency

We design and develop fully bespoke WordPress sites. This means you get exactly what you need regarding the theme and the functionality.

WordPress makes managing your website and Marketing your business breeze. Our experts have been using WordPress since 2010 and can help you create the perfect website that is designed with lead generation and sales in mind.

Whether you are looking to create a lead generation website, ecommerce website, a membership website, or just want to improve and optimize your existing website, we can make it happen.

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Melt don’t just make your website look pretty but they understand how to make it function in the best way and ensure that it hits your website goals – whatever they may be.
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We offer a complete custom web design and WordPress development solution that gives you everything you need to get found online, generate leads, make sales and grow your business. With as little time and input from you as possible (we know you’re busy)

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Woocommerce is a well-established ecommerce solution. We create custom, user-friendly woocommerce website designs that make managing your products and customers a breeze. Plus, we include powerful marketing tools to help skyrocket your sales.

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We are one of the few agencies that specialise in WordPress Membership websites – with over 50 devloped and launched you’ve found the  wordpress web design agency to bring your community site to life.

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Dont suffer with your wordpress websites – Our Support and maintenace services can save you time, give you peace of mind and improve your website over time 

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Complete WordPress Web Design Services

Our philosophy for creating effiective WordPress websites for our clients is simple

What you'll get as standard when you work with us to bring your WordPress site to life

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Custom Web Design For your ideal customer, not you

All our WordPress sites are custom-designed using our content conversion framework. This framework has evolved over the years based on the latest UX best practices, marketing psychology principles and conversion optimisation.

So, your site will look stunning and be easy for visitors to navigate, understand, build trust, and have clear and consistent calls to action to help convert visitors into buyers.

We want you to love your new site. That’s why we offer unlimited design revisions from the initial design to ensure your website hits the design high notes.

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Scaleable and Futureproof WordPress websites

You want your business to grow, and your website should be able to grow with you. We build all of our websites on WordPress CMS. WordPress is the top open-source content management system, powering 40% of all websites globally. 

Combining proven website technology and our approach to building sites, we ensure that your website can be effortlessly expanded with new features, saving you money and hassle in the future.

So, if you want to build a landing page for a Facebook or PPC campaign, No problem. Want to add an online store or exclusive members area for online training? Simple. Your website will be able to adapt to your evolving needs, so you won’t have to start from scratch.

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Marketing and Business tools connected

Your website is crucial for promoting your business online through SEO optimisation or paid traffic campaigns. We will ensure your website has the tools to monitor and measure your marketing efforts, such as Google Analytics and tracking pixels.

We can also integrate your website with various business tools if you want to streamline your business processes. This can include connecting your CRM and email automation tools to capture and organise leads and customers. Integrate your website with accounting software for easy account reconciliation or with project management tools for a seamless client onboarding process.

Tell us your business needs, and we will automate the processes to save you time. We understand that every business is unique, and we are here to help you streamline your operations.

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Serious About WordPress SEO

Optimising your website for search engines is crucial during the planning, designing, and building.

You can boost visibility, reach a wider audience, and increase traffic through organic search. We recommend performing basic SEO optimisation to create a solid foundation for your SEO efforts.

Simply publishing content on your site is no longer sufficient if you want it to rank in searches. Your site’s structure and internal linking play a significant role in helping Google understand your content and determine appropriate rankings.

We prioritise important search engine optimisation considerations at every stage, from the initial wireframes and site structure to the design and final build.

We can assist you in creating a search engine strategy that aligns with your desired investment. Whether you need ongoing campaign support or occasional assistance, we will ensure that you maximise the benefits of your new site.

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Easy content management.

Managing your website is a breeze with our approach to design and build. We understand that you or your team will manage the site’s content once it’s finished. Our sites are incredibly easy to edit and update, even for non-techies. We prioritise your editing needs throughout the entire project.

Our fully bespoke post and page templates are created around the content you need to publish. With our selection of modules, custom fields and theme styles, you can effortlessly create pages, articles, and case studies. Adding, reordering, and maintaining your content has never been easier without sacrificing design consistency.

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Feel the need for speed. WordPress speed optimisation

When it comes to website design, speed optimisation is crucial. A slow website can lose potential customers and harm your Google rankings.

We prioritise speed by using lightweight themes and limiting plugin usage. Which reduces website bloat, improves security, and optimises performance. Ensuring your site loads quickly for visitors and meets the speed requirements for Google to rank it.

Using our years of experience and proven techniques, we strive to make your site load as fast as possible. If we don’t achieve at least 75% on mobile and 90% on desktop, we will continue optimising until we do.

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WordPress Hosting

Please don’t waste time, money, and effort on a new website only to host it on a cheap hosting package. We spend over £40 a month on phone contracts or TV subscriptions, so it’s wild to try to host your website as cheaply as possible and get it to load quickly and perform as needed.

We use reliable premium WordPress hosting for every website we create. We have a variety of options available for managing your WordPress hosting needs.

An icon depicting a computer screen with a headset and microphone, symbolizing online customer support or a helpline service. The screen frame has three circles on the top right corner, indicating window controls—ideal for showcasing services provided by a WordPress web design agency.

Ongoing WordPress support and training as you grow

We dont believe in just handing you the keys and sending you off without direction.

Our websites come with WordPress Support and training, meaning you’ll gain the skills to edit and add content to your site regularly and confidently. We go the extra mile by recording videos on the essential areas you’ll work with regularly.

We also offer a range of WordPress support and maintenance plans to keep you secure and performing at its best, and you have us by your side to aid you with any issues that arise and support the launch of any new marketing campaigns.

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Getting New Customers

Launching your website is just the beginning! Gone are the days when simply building it meant people would automatically come. To make your website successful, you must put effort into getting noticed.

We provide a variety of b2b services marketing services to help you succeed online. Our services include:

We aim to ensure your business is easy to find and help you convert new customers.

You're Backed By Our MELT Website Premium GUARANTEE

Get peace of mind with our 6-month premium website guarantee. After your site goes live, we’ve got your back. Our guarantee ensures fast, hassle-free fixes for any bugs or issues on your website. Plus, you’ll have exclusive access to our top-notch technical engineers who will diagnose, test, and resolve any problems you come across. No matter if your website stops working or breaks within the first 6 months, we’ll handle it promptly and at no cost to you, no questions asked.

Ready to get a new WordPress website or improve your existing one

Talk to our WP web design expert team about your next project. Call us now on 01926 266059.

With a decade of experience, our expert web team has successfully overseen hundreds of web design projects, catering to various industries, styles, scopes, and requirements. We work with brands and businesses of all sizes, both in the UK and globally, from multinational corporations to startups.

As a highly acclaimed agency, we have received awards and consistently garnered five-star reviews from our clients for our website design services . Trust us to be your ideal partner for all your website and SEO needs.

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Affordable websites from just £300 a month

What our clients say....

We make delivering your new website easy and hassle-free.

We'll guide you every step of the way.

Experience the seamless journey of building your website with Melt. Our project delivery team has extensive experience handling diverse web design projects and understands the complexities and challenges of managing multiple deliverables, goals, and deadlines.

Over the years of working with clients worldwide, We have perfected our collaborative and transparent project management approach to ensure your website project is successful.


Managed WordPress Hosting

The process of getting a better website is easy

Here’s how it works…

Tell us about the website you want to create

Let's chat about website goals. We'll get to know what you want and create a project overview to get you started.


Develop and agree a plan

We'll align your website needs and features, create a plan, calculate the costs, and provide you with payment options that suit your budget.


Build, test and launch

Once we agree on the plan and the projected cost, we'll start designing and building your website. We'll also offer support as you launch and grow, so you can unlock its full potential.

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Finding the Right WordPress Agency

You could choose from so many WordPress Agencies - so why choose us?

Choosing a WordPress Agency to partner with on your next website project isn’t a decision you should make in the blink of an eye – we get that. If you’ve dealt with WordPress design agencies before and they’ve left you in the dark, hidden results, or didn’t do their job right, then we understand your hesitation.

When we take on a client, our goals are simple.

  1. Give you the best experience and Make your life easy.

  2. Give you an awesome-looking bespoke website packed with all the right marketing tools to convert visitors into leads and customers.

  3. Support you after your website is live to help market and grow your business.

If that sounds good to you, Don’t wait. Speak to one of our WordPress experts today.

WordPress Web Design Frequently Asked Questions

A: The time required to build a WordPress website is highly dependent on many factors, such as the complexity of design, the number of pages and content. Also, the time you or your team can put into the project can cause delays.

Generally, a simple 6-8 page website is within 30 Days.
Larger complex sites with advanced features like ecommerce or membership portals can take 60 to 90 days.

The cost of a WordPress Website depends on the size and complexity of the project. Our web design projects start from £3000 – 

If you’d like to know the costs of working with us, view our web design packages here or try our handy website quick quote form.

WordPress Web Design Agencies are well-suited to businesses of all sizes looking to create an attractive and effective website to promote their brand and services.

The benefits of working with WordPress website designers and developers include specialist knowledge and expertise with WooCommerce or Membership website design, themes, plugins, security and other optimisations. They have a practised and streamlined workflow. Working with a website design agency can also save costs due to their structured design process and professional tools.

Freelancers may be cost-effective but may need to gain skills in all areas of web design, like SEO, automation or marketing. Many hidden tasks and work are required to produce an effective WordPress website that you may save on initially but have to pay for later when using freelancers.

Yes. We provide access to the website to enable you to upload content and make any changes or updates easily.
We’ll also supply website training and how-to videos for areas of the site you’ll manage regularly, from client management to adding blog content or case studies.

Yes, we offer various WordPress maintenance services for all our WordPress websites, from simple hosting and support to regular improvements to the site and monthly SEO optimisation.

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A book titled "7 things to change on your website to get more leads in just 7 days" with a subtitle underneath. The cover features a blurred background image of a person typing on a laptop with various documents around. The bottom left corner has the logo "melt.

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