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Project Summary

Amber Wynn is a coach with over ten years of experience helping non-profit organisations improve their marketing sales, secure better funding, and become more tax-efficient. She operates a membership site geared towards leaders in the non-profit sector who aim to strengthen and grow their organisations.

Amber had a wealth of knowledge and content but needed a centralised digital platform to offer her training and resources. She wanted a platform that was easy to navigate and offered a comprehensive set of tools for her members.

Amber already had a range of coaching content, training materials, and a dedicated community. However, these resources were not organised in a single, easily accessible platform.

We built a focused sales page to guide potential members through Amber’s services and lead them to a secure checkout process. Additionally, we designed a members-only dashboard that matches the purpose of Amber’s brand.

We set up member restriction rules for the backend to ensure that only verified members could access the content. We integrated a payment system to manage subscriptions and purchases. The dashboard features courses, training videos, and community chat options for enhanced member interaction.

We implemented a badge-based gamification system to engage members further, rewarding activities within the platform. Members can also book one-to-one calls with Amber directly through the dashboard.

How we helped


  • Increased member engagement through a centralised, user-friendly platform
  • Enhanced Amber’s brand image with a cohesive, professional dashboard
  • Gamification features increased user activity and community interaction
  • Streamlined access to all training materials, improving user experience
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