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Our membership websites and online training platforms are easy to manage and help you build your authority and audience. Plus, you can monetise your knowledge and expertise for a predictable, recurring income while growing a supportive online community.

Everything you need to get your Membership Website online, quickly and easily

Membership websites come in all shapes and sizes. No matter how you want to sell your online training or directory we’ve got the tools and experience to create a beautiful custom membership website to your exact business needs. 

We do it all for you so there’s no tech stress and you can have complete peace of mind you’re getting a world class membership websites & Learning management Systems.

A tablet and a computer monitor display a mental health foundation's membership website. The tablet shows a login screen, while the monitor showcases the portal's dashboard with sections for Courses, Library, Resources, Webinars, and Community.
A woman and a man are working together at a desk, discussing a document. The man is pointing at a computer screen displaying a graph. They are surrounded by various office supplies, including a laptop, papers, and a yellow mug filled with pens.

We create feature-rich membership websites to jumpstart your online community and bring people together.

We’ve been designing and developing membership websites with WordPress for over 15 years, often helping businesses that already have a membership site but have run into trouble or experts, coaches, consultants or influences looking to monetise their audience.

So whether you want to start an online membership community from scratch or get us to fix and optimise your existing site, we’re membership website developers you can trust.

Professional membership website designs to build your online community

Harness the power of an online community with our professional membership websites! Introducing a simple, easy-to-manage way to manage members and protect valuable content. Let your members come together in our expertly designed platform so you can devote time to what matters: developing great content for your business growth. Get ready – it’s time to take off!

A membership website shown on various devices including a desktop monitor, a laptop, a tablet, and a smartphone. The website features designs for corporate packages aimed at improving employee wellbeing and mental health. The background is white with teal accents.

affordable membership websites

Our custom membership websites come with every Feature you need to grow your online community

Illustration of two web pages displaying video content. The top web page shows a video of two people cooking in a kitchen, while the bottom web page features someone preparing food with the text "10%" in an orange circle. Each page has progress bars and menus, highlighting intuitive membership website design.

Beautifully designed membership websites

We'll set up your brand new membership website and ensure it's in working order ready for your members to join and consume your content. When you hire us to develop your membership site, we'll book an onboarding call and get all the information we need from you. Some of the information will include your brand guide and logo, so we know exactly how to style the website to ensure consistency with your online band so there is a seamless experience for your members.

An illustration showing two website cards on a white background: the first card for a course costing £80 with an "Add to Cart" button, and the second card for an event with details about the date and location. Below, a shopping basket interface on this membership website design with a "Complete Order" button.

Sell your training how you want to

Sell your protected content, courses, and resources one by one or access everything for a monthly recurring fee. Your website will be able to easily take your online payments via Paypal or Credit card as a one off fee or an ongoing subscription for your membership levels. One-time payments, Recurring payments, custom payment plans, Free trials and coupons give you flexibility to sell how you want to sell

Illustration of a membership website design interface with various icons, including a cloud with an upload arrow, a file upload progress bar at 70%, and an exclamation mark alert symbol. The design elements suggest navigating and customizing membership web content.

Easy to use and adapt membership sales pages and members' area

We understand that you or your team will be managing the members and membership site content site once it's completed. This means all of our sites are as easy to edit and update for non-techies as we can make them. We approach every project with your needs at the forefront of the project and not ours.

A meticulous membership website design presents a digital interface with a progress tracker for a course or task. Step 1 is complete with a green checkmark, while Step 2 features a thumbnail image of hands typing on a laptop and is partially completed. Steps 3 and 4 remain pending, with the progress bar at 25%.

World Class online training platforms

A lot of membership websites have courses at their heart, and we know that. We use an industry-leading plugin called Learndash LMS, which allows you to add as many courses as you want. Because we're so nice, we'll even upload a whole course for you which in tech talk is up to 30 lessons, if you're unsure how many courses you have feel free to discuss that with our experts on a demo call.

A forum webpage interface for a membership website showing two discussion sections, "Forum One" and "Forum Two," with a profile summary on the right. Below the webpage, three connected user icons represent user interactions. A search bar and notification icon are at the top, enhancing the overall membership website design.

Engage with your membership community

Engage better with your members and make your membership the heart of your community. Member only forums, Group calls and live online training build members engagement and help them to feel like they're part of a tribe. This helps to reduce member churn and put more profit in your pocket.

A sleek membership website design features a digital interface displaying a content library with tabs for videos, audio, hypnosis downloads, guides, and articles. Showcased are three items: a video, audio, and PDF. Options include "Add to favorites," "Mark as complete," and "Save for later.

A complete membership content library

Want to share your favourite resources – from books, tools, videos, interviews etc – just pop it into your content library. Filter your content by relevant subjects or use our advanced search filters to allow members to find content quickly and easily. Your members can also save their favourite content so they have quick access to come back to whenever they want.

A central dark circle with a web page icon is connected by arrows to six surrounding icons: a blue video camera (Zoom), a yellow monkey (Mailchimp), a green "k" (Keap), a blue smile (Intercom), a red asterisk (Zapier), and a blue checkmark (ActiveCampaign). It's an ideal layout for membership website design.

Marketing Connected

Your membership website can be connected to powerful marketing tools to help you attract new members, engage members and track your marketing efforts more effectively. We're certified ActiveCampaign partners so we can set up your CRM and integrate it seamlessly with your Members site without you having to do a thing.

An illustration featuring a membership website under construction with a night sky background. Text reads: "WATCH THIS SPACE... We're busy working on our new website!" A registration form below asks for name and email to receive updates. Icons of stars, planets, and a globe are also present.

Scaleable and Futureproof membership websites

We build all of our membership websites on WordPress in such a way that they can be easily scaled without huge additional costs and stress. We know you want to grow your business and you need a website to support that. So we build in a way that can handle continued development and support new features as and when you want to add them to your online business. Unlike other online membership platforms we dont limit you to course, content or member or feature limits, the site is fully owned by you and you can customise and adapt it as your members' community evolves and grows.

Plus you get as standard...

Illustration featuring various online learning elements: a video call interface, a tutorial screen showing hands typing on a laptop, and icons representing a headset, phone, and package. An arrow connects the elements, indicating a learning process flow typical of an engaging membership website design.

Membership support as you grow

Worried you won't have the support you need for your membership website? You'll get 12 months of free technical support and guidance. You'll also have access to our expert team and video training so you can master and manage your membership website quickly and easily.

A digital illustration of Melt Design’s two web interfaces. One shows a video of people cooking with a progress bar loading at 70%, text on the left, and video thumbnails on the right. The second interface shows a close-up of hands preparing food, with listed sections on the right and a 10% progress indicator.

Membership website hosting

It's essential to have good quality website hosting for your membership website. Membership websites are complex and need more power than a simpler information based website. That's why we include hosting for the first 12 months to save you the hassle and give you peace of mind your site is secure and backed up daily.

Ready to add an online training members-only website to your business?

We'd love to help you achieve this goal, book a free demo call with one of our membership experts and we'll show you how we can create your very own custom membership site to your business needs

A multi-device display features a promotional webpage titled "The Inner Circle" by Martha Krejci. The main screen highlights a headline about building an online income of $10K+ per month from home, with various sections and images of a woman. This membership website design is visible on computer, laptop, tablet, and smartphone.

A proven track record


Simple Honest Pricing

Our approach to doing business is simple: what you see is what you pay. We agree on a project fee and that’s what you pay – no hidden charges. If a new feature not part of the original specification is needed, we'll let you know upfront of any additional costs.


We've been creating membership websites for over 15 years and have mastered our craft. You'll also get our shared experiences of what works and how to market your membership website.


We value collaboration in our membership projects. By sharing our expertise, we aim to provide as much guidance as possible and ensure that you achieve the best possible results.

The membership website process is easy

Here’s how it works…

Book a free discovery call

Let's chat about your membership website goals. We'll get to know what you want and create a project overview to get you started.


Develop and agree to a plan

We'll align your membership needs and features, create a plan, calculate the costs, and provide you with payment options that suit your budget.


Build, test and launch

Once we agree on the plan and the projected cost, we'll start building your membership website. We'll also offer support as you launch and grow, so you can unlock its full potential.

WITH YOUR project

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Powerful Membership Website

Technology We Work with

We work with these tools daily to create powerful membership websites and online training portals and communities. And know them better than we know our families!

We've tried them all and whittled them down to the best options to help you grow.

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Membership Website Design
Frequently Asked Questions

Our Membership websites start from £5500 but can go up to £20,000 + based on the size and feature requirements. 

This includes everything you need to launch and grow your online members community. For more a custom quote for your online store. You can tell us about your project here.

  • Tailored Membership website design
  • Membership – Set Up and optimisation
  • Members login and dashboard
  • Content restriction based on your membership levels
  • Single Product Template Design
  • Payment System – Stripe Or Paypal
  • Simple CRM Integration
  • Checkout Design
  • Basic Email Customisation (Branded The Emails)
  • Set Up – 10 Products For You
  • Product simple variations
  • Website Training
  • 1 Years Ecommerce website hosting

Check out our Ultimate Guide To Membership Website Costs for a thorough breakdown of the expenses involved in starting and maintaining your own membership site.

The typical timeline for a simple membership website to be designed and developed is 10- 12 weeks. 

How quickly you can get online depends on your website’s scale and complexity.

To ensure your project runs smoothly, our team will need your content ready and quick to answer any questions we may have. So please do your homework on time and let us help you get online quickly 🙂

We offer a range of payment plans to help you launch and grow your membership site. These include 6 and 12-month payment plans and a range of monthly support and digital marketing services to help you promote and sell your products more easily.

We sure do. If you have an existing Membership website and need help maintaining the site or would like to improve the design and functionality and we can help you on a project basis or one of our support packages. 

You can view our
Membership Support Plans Here

We love SEO and have years of experience helping membership site owners increase rankings and drive more traffic. 

Our SEO plans include the following:

  • On-site technical optimisation.
  • Up to 100 target keywords.
  • Weekly content creation and publishing.
  • Organic backlink building.

You can learn more about our SEO service here.

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