WordPress Website Speed Optimization Service

Don't let a slow website drive away potential customers.

Why you should care about the speed of your website

Research shows that slow-loading sites lead to higher bounce rates and frustrate visitors. And it’s not just your audience you need to worry about – search engines like Google also note your site’s speed and core web vitals metrics to determine if you should be ranked highly.

Fast websites rank better, have better user experience and engagement and get more sales.

Get professional help from our WordPress experts for your site speed optimization, resulting in an enhanced user experience, improved Google Core Web Vitals score, and better rankings in search engines.

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Introducing our WordPress speed optimization service to give you a fast loading website

Done For You WordPress Speed Services

Discover our expert WordPress team’s proven process for site speed optimization.

The beauty of WordPress is its ability to add the features you need quickly. The downfall is that these plugins and tools can impact your load speed and web performance.

We commonly see issues with too many marketing tracking scripts, multiple plugins doing the same thing, large images, and poor hosting. These things impact your speed scores and can be resolved quickly on smaller websites.

Speed optimization can take time for bigger complex sites with lots of testing, advanced caching rules and script delays.

No matter your site type, we can help improve your speed scores.

Don't let a slow website speed hold your business back.

WordPress Website Maintenance Services

How we Boost your websites Speed and Core Vital Scores

Every site is different, so we can’t press a magic button to boost speed instantly. Here are our various page speed measures to optimize WordPress websites.

website speed optimization image compression

Optimize Your Images

Images are important to websites but can really hurt your loading times.

Our image compression tools efficiently optimize images and reduce the size of your image files, ensuring they are adapted for the web without compromising their quality but boosting page performance. Plus, any future image uploads will be automatically compressed, saving time and stopping future issues.

website speed optimization lazy load images

Lazy Loading Images

Images can seriously impact page load time. By enabling Lazy loading of images and iframes we can Save browser bandwidth and improve load time on your site.

website speed optimization render blocking resorces

Render-blocking Resources

Our team strategically optimizes the placement of JavaScript, CSS files, cookies from google and other external tracking scripts to ensure that they do not impact the loading of the visual elements on your website and improve time to first byte .

speed optimization service Minify HTML, CSS and Javascript

Minify HTML, CSS and Javascript

When HTML, Javascript, and CSS files are minified, unnecessary characters such as white spaces, line breaks, and comments are removed. Additionally, the code is often rewritten to shorten variable and function names, replace long attribute values with shorter alternatives, and eliminate redundant or unused code.

speed optimization service Inline Critical CSS

Inline Critical CSS

We include essential CSS directly on the page, maximizing efficiency and performance. Non-essential CSS is loaded afterwards, ensuring a seamless user experience.

website speed optimization service Leverage Browser Caching

Leverage Browser Caching

By storing commonly used files, like images, CSS stylesheets, and JavaScript files, in the browser cache, visitors can experience faster loading times while browsing your site.

speed optimization service gzip compression

Enable Gzip Compression

Gzip compression is a method used to reduce the size of files, particularly web files, by compressing them before they are sent over the internet. It is commonly used to optimize website performance and improve loading times.

website speed optimization object caching

Object Caching

It is used on servers to improve performance and reduce the load on resources such as databases or network connections. It involves storing frequently accessed data or objects in a cache, a temporary storage area allowing faster retrieval.

speed optimization service plugin review removal

Plugin and theme Review and Removal

We understand that many plugins serve similar functions, which can clutter your website, increase the number of HTTP requests in the browser and slow its performance.  We often see multiple plugins doing the same thing so removing these can certainly help remove the amount of files loading and taking up database resources

Our expert team will assess your plugins and themes to identify unnecessary ones. If it’s possible to change the site to a lightweight theme or a different editing tool we’ll recommend this to you.

speed optimization service Asset Loading and combining requests

Asset Loading and combining requests

By default, all plugin files are loaded, whether they’re used or not on the web page. However, by selectively loading the necessary files when needed, we can greatly enhance the impact on your page’s performance.

By combining all your CSS and JS and moving what we can to the footer.

website speed optimization deploy cdn

Set up and run your site through a CDN.

Using a content delivery network can significantly decrease the strain on your website hosting bandwidth and browser load. By delivering cached resources, such as CSS, JavaScript files, and images, from various external servers, you’ll experience noticeable improvements in your website’s load time and overall web vital scores.

speed optimization service page post optimisation

Optimize Pages or long posts

Some pages on long form blog posts on your site will be larger than others, containing more media-rich content like video and images. Once we’ve done the essential speed optimizations, we’ll review individual pages and see what can be done to improve their individual load times and pagespeed scores to ensure fast pages.

website speed optimisation service rebuild theme

Page, sections or Theme Rebuilding

Sometimes, some things need to be a lot simpler and cleaner; if you’re using page builders like Elementor, Divi, or WP Bakery, they can inject a lot of unneeded code into pages or sections of your site, which increases the number of browser calls and as a result impacts speed. 

Sometimes, we recommend a theme switch or re-create sections in old-fashioned HTML and CSS.

website speed optimization hosting migration

Web Hosting Migration

Slow websites can often stem from living on inadequate website hosting. This normally shows up as Slow server response time. We will monitor your hosting provider’s resources and recommend changes if needed.

Your website hosting may need to be fixed for your speed issues. If this is the case, we’ll see if we can optimize your current hosting or suggest migrating to a new provider and a content delivery network.

Our Speed Optimization Results

"We're getting sales again"

My old web designers left my website in a mess. Our site was painfully slow, and we saw a massive drop in sales through it. After speaking to Matt, he identified a number of issues impeding the site's loading speed and quickly set out an optimisation plan. They got to work, and in three weeks, we had a new website that not only loads fast but, more importantly, we're getting sales again.
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"20 High Quality Leads a month"

Our website was really slow, and whatever we tried, we couldn't get it past 30 out of 100 on mobile. Within 10 minutes, the team highlighted key areas causing issues; after moving to their hosting and some site changes and optimisations, we achieved scores of 90 on mobile and 97 on desktop. I was shocked our past developers couldn't do better no matter what they tried. Just shows there is a lot more to building a website.
Duncan Ure
Duncan Ure


Works for WooCommerce, Membership and Custom Websites

Speed optimization for Woocommerce

Whether you have an eCommerce store, a membership site, or any other dynamic functionality, we have the solution for you.

In today’s fast-paced digital world, where customers expect quick and efficient online experiences, e-commerce businesses must prioritize website speed. A slow-loading website frustrates customers and impacts your search engine rankings and overall conversion rates. With our specialized Woocommerce speed optimization solutions, we analyze your website’s performance metrics and implement effective strategies to improve page load times, reduce bounce rates, and enhance user experience. Don’t let slow loading times hinder your online sales or member churn rate.

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Website Care Plans For Speed Optimization

Boost your WordPress site’s speed performance, security and technical SEO with our Speed Optimization services included in our WordPress support plans.

Every site is different, so putting a set figure on speed optimization as a service is difficult. This is why we include it in our Monthly WordPress support plans.

Enjoy monthly plugin and WordPress updates, website changes, and top-notch technical support, all for an affordable monthly fee.

Find out more about our support plans here.

Our goal is to improve the load time of your WordPress site page speed scores and help you pass Google’s core web vitals.

Common Myths Of Page Speed Scores

Regarding website performance, page speed scores often become a subject of speculation and myths.

One common misconception is that high page speed scores directly correlate with faster loading times. However, this is only sometimes the case. Page speed scores evaluate various factors, such as server response time, render-blocking resources, and overall code efficiency. It is essential to understand that while a high score indicates better performance potential, it does not guarantee lightning-fast loading times.

There are speed scores and eye tests; if the site passes the speed scores but feels slow when navigating and using the site, this can still frustrate visitors; this is why we emphasize user experience, too.

High-speed scores will help skyrocket your rankings.

Another myth is that if your site has high-speed scores, it will suddenly shoot up the rankings. Google puts weight on-page experience, which includes core web vitals, usability, accessibility and SEO factors. It will help, but it’s not a crucial factor; Google wants to display the best, most relevant content, so a fast-loading site with poorer content will outrank a fast site alone. Combining all areas for optimization is crucial if SEO rankings are important to you.

To truly optimize website speed, addressing underlying issues like optimizing images, minifying code, and leveraging browser caching is crucial. So, be aware of the page speed score, as various other factors influence the loading time.

Technical SEO Agency UK

The process of getting a better faster website is easy

Here’s how it works…

Speed Audit

We perform a speed audit using common online tools like Google Pagespeed Insights, GT Metrix and a few more to get an idea of your site's current performance and to highlight the key reasons you're getting poor scores.


Speed Report & Quick Wins

We'll create a simple report highlighting the obvious issues and drill down into key web pages that need addressing to boost speed, share our insights with you, and present the options and the approach we'll take.

We first work on the obvious quick wins to improve your speed scores and get instant results in boosting your page speed scores before focusing on the more delicate tasks that take more time.


Ongoing Optimization

Speed optimization is an ongoing thing, especially for big sites with high traffic; as you edit and make changes, things can decline - This is why we include speed optimization in our website care plans to ensure your website is always loading as quickly as possible;

we'll give your team some training and tips to ensure they are optimizing your site as they add and edit content.

Book Your FREE WEBSITE Speed Audit

What is the technical SEO audit process?

Everything that contributes to the success or failure of your website when it comes to Speed Optimisation.
We’ll review your site’s current technical set up, see how you’re ranking now, and run some speed tests to see if there are any obvious issues you can improve on.

We’ll also examine site SEO, design and structure, copy, video, images, calls to action, social proof, navigation, and the list goes on and on. We’ve been there, done that, and gotten the t-shirt hundreds of times.

We’ll use that experience to develop a speed optimisation strategy to boost your site’s performance.

How does the Audit work?

The audit works very simply: You fill in the form, we review your website (and run it through various tools), and then compile an in-depth report, which we share with you.

We’ll then schedule a call with you to review the report and explain and clarify anything you need to know.

At that point, assuming there are changes we recommend, you’ll have three options:

#1. Take those changes to your existing web company and get them to improve your website.

#2. Make the changes yourself. You can do this if you’re tech-savvy enough and know how to edit your website.

#3 Get us to help. If you want us to help with technical SEO implementation, we can discuss how that would work and what investment is required.

There will be no hard sell or obligation to buy anything. If you have a good relationship with your existing supplier and you’d rather they do it, or you can do it yourself, that’s fine with us; we’ll just be happy to have provided you with some value.

Get Your Speed Optimisation Audit

Enter your details below to get your free website audit.

The report is typically generated in 2-3 days. We'll email you to let you know when the audit is ready and invite you to book a call with us.

Frequently Asked Speed Optimization Questions

We get a lot of questions about our WordPress website speed optimization services. Here are the most common

A WordPress Speed Optimization service is a service that can help to improve the loading time and overall performance of a website built with WordPress.

This service can include a range of solutions such as optimizing code, images, plugins, databases and more to make the webpage faster and more responsive and improve Google’s core web vitals.

By setting up a WordPress caching plugin, improving web hosting, optimizing images, cleaning the WordPress database along with overall website performance

Website speed optimization strategies vary for server- and client-side strategies used for WordPress Speed Optimization. Server-side strategies include optimizing file compression, server and database caching, and deferring offscreen images. Client-side forms of optimization may include browser caching, minification and image optimization. You can view our proven process higher up the page.

WordPress Speed Optimization is important for a variety of reasons. A slow-loading website can frustrate visitors, especially if the page load speeds are too slow or too much lag time. Poorly optimized websites have higher bounce rates and can impair SEO rankings.

Any website using WordPress as a content management system (CMS) should consider using a WordPress Speed Optimization Service. 

Especially if you want users to have a good user experience and to pass Google’s criteria for page experience to help boost your SEO rankings.

To determine if your website needs optimization, you can do a speed test using tools like Google PageSpeed Insights or WebPageTest.org

These tools will analyze your website’s current speed status and inform you if optimization is necessary. Alternatively, you can book a free website audit here. Our team will assess your site speed and identify the main causes of any speed issues. 

If your website is an important tool in marketing your business online through Google Ads, Facebook Ads, SEO, or email marketing, speed optimization will help give users a better experience.

These services employ expert techniques and tools to optimize the loading speed of your website, resulting in improved user experience and search engine rankings. 

However, it is essential to recognize that there can be risks involved in speed optimization work. These can include broken functionality, broken pages and even security issues.

To ensure a smooth and secure experience, select a reputable service provider that can explain their processes for testing speed optimization strategies and ask if they run deeper speed optimization techniques on a staging site before applying them to the live site.

Yeah, we offer a free migration service to our WordPress-optimized hosting servers.

We host and manage all of our websites with Cloudways; we have partnered with them for the high-speed performance they offer, customer support, and focus on speed.

As part of the website seed audit, we will be able to determine if your hosting is causing an issue for you, and we’ll give you a few options to help resolve this, from simple hosting to dedicated servers or even autoscale servers for larger traffic sites. 

Find out more about our managed WordPress Hosting Services Here.

We sure do – You can request your free audit here.

Using Google page speed insights and other speed testing tools to determine site speed.

We’ll run a speed test to determine your site’s performance and speed scores on desktop and mobile, your core web vital scores and the main issues that need to be addressed in WordPress performance optimization.

Fast loading times are our priority. We don’t make empty promises or unrealistic speed guarantees without running an audit on your site first.

It’s important to note that every WordPress website is unique, and certain factors may impact its loading speed. For instance, if your website is on shared hosting and has numerous Google Ads displaying external content, it might need to be fixed. 

But with the guidance of our speed experts and by ensuring your website is on suitable hosting, along with applying effective speed optimization techniques, achieving loading times under 2 seconds should be easily attainable.

We can do a one-time speed optimization that will boost your website. If your site has a lot of speed issues, we may recommend a one-time optimization and ongoing speed support as part of one of our website support plans.

The reality is that without ongoing optimization, your site’s speed will gradually decline as you make changes, upload content and add new features. We’ve seen this so many times.

Find Out Why Your Site “Isn't Working”


Stop guessing at a plan of action and let one of our experts analyse your site for you—free of charge.

You’ll get a detailed report with actionable recommendations and a priority list of missed opportunities—so you know precisely what to do and when.