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Are you an agency or consultant at the crossroads of expanding your web design services?

You may get asked if you do websites by your clients, but you don’t have the in-house skills or the desire to hire web developers, and you are considering using white-label services to create your client’s sites.

We’re an agency like you, too, and we understand your challenges – tight deadlines, the need for niche skills, budget constraints, and the high stakes of consistently delivering exceptional results. We’ve been building WordPress websites for over 15 years in all shapes and sizes.

So if you’re stuck with your current demand and feel like you’re missing out on potential revenue or want to help your clients get better results, Our white-label web design services are the solution you’ve been looking for, offering a seamless, efficient way to expand your agency’s offerings.

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Understanding White Label Web Design

White label web design is a service where we, as your invisible partner, create stunning websites for your clients under your brand name.

We Work With Agencies, Consultants and Marketers To Bring Their Clients Sites To Live

It’s a powerful collaboration – we handle the design and technical work, and you present these top-tier websites as your own. This service is perfect for design agencies, marketing consultants, marketing agencies, print companies, SEO agencies, and PPC agencies aiming to expand their services without the logistical challenges of scaling up their teams.

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White label websites are Perfect for

As a marketing consultant, one of my biggest frustrations is waiting for our client's web developers to make simple changes or pushing back on what we need to do to market our client's business, causing delays and poor results or tracking. After outsourcing our web design needs to melt, our clients get high-quality websites or marketing funnels built exactly as we need, and they are quick and responsive. They also help us with technical aspects like hosting, domains, etc. It's a lifesaver!

Your Trusted white label website builders

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Resource efficiency with our expert website design team

We provide the expert team you need, allowing you to save on the costs and complexities of hiring and training new staff. Our white label web design and hosting services let you leverage our skills as your own, ensuring you can meet any client demand without overextending your resources. Our team comprises experienced web designers, developers, and digital strategists, all dedicated to delivering excellence in every project.

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Cost-Effective white label solutions

Budget constraints can limit your ability to grow. Our white label solutions offer a cost-effective alternative to expanding your in-house team. You get access to a full range of web design services at a fraction of the cost, enabling you to allocate your budget more effectively across your business operations and make as much profit as you want to without hours of work or project management.

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Time Management & Transparent Communication

Juggling multiple projects and tight deadlines can be overwhelming. Partnering with us frees your time to focus on core business activities, client relationships, and strategic growth. At the same time, we handle the time-consuming task of project managing web design and development projects.
We believe in clear and consistent communication. You’ll always be kept in the loop, ensuring a smooth and collaborative partnership.

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Web Design Quality Assurance

We understand that your reputation hinges on the quality of work you deliver. Our experienced team ensures each project aligns with your client’s vision and upholds your agency’s reputation for quality. We’re committed to providing websites with the highest design, functionality, and user experience standards.
All of our sites pass SEO technical scores, are optimised for speed and are built to be easy to edit and manage for your team and clients.

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As your agency grows, so do your clients’ demands. Our white label web design services are scalable to your needs, allowing you to effortlessly expand your service offerings without the stress and overheads of managing a larger in-house team. We offer a range of complimentary web design services, including Website Support, SEO optimisation, Speed optimisation and marketing automation.

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Client Confidentiality

In the white label partnership, confidentiality is paramount. We work discreetly, ensuring our involvement with your projects remains invisible to your clients. This allows you to maintain and build trust, presenting our work as your own and keeping your client relationships strong and uninterrupted. We are happy to assist you if you need us to come on client calls and act as a team member. What works for you works for us.

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Customised Web Design Solutions

We use the WordPress content management system for all our white label website development. This ensures that your clients receive modern, efficient, and secure websites that look awesome but are easy to edit and maintain.
We understand that each project is unique. Our services are tailored to meet the specific needs of your clients, ensuring a personalised and relevant web design solution.

As a membership support business, our skills are technical; we're not designers. But having a resource like Melt to refer our clients to when asked is a massive benefit to ourselves and our clients. They've delivered awesome websites for our clients (and even redesigned to of our own sites!), and we're happy to recommend them to anyone. And it's nice to get a kickback from them for our referrals.

Get Paid On Your Terms

Get paid while we take care of your website needs - choose from our two outsourcing options.
Charge What You Like

Get a custom quote for our Whitelabel web design service that fits your website needs. And the best part? You can set your price and charge the client accordingly.

Referral Scheme

Earn money without the hassle of client management. Receive a 10% referral fee based on the total project cost and ongoing payments for support and SEO services. Your earnings continue for as long as your clients stay with us.

Let's Discuss Your White Label Web Design Needs.

The Melt White Label Approach

Initial Consultation

Our journey begins with a detailed discussion about your white label website project requirements, goals, and expectations. This initial consultation is crucial for aligning our objectives, setting the stage for a successful partnership and giving you a fixed cost for the website.

Strategic Planning

We then develop a comprehensive plan, selecting the right technologies and design approaches. This plan is tailored to ensure the project aligns perfectly with your client’s objectives and your agency’s standards. 

Design and Development

Our skilled team takes over the reins, bringing the strategic plan to life. We keep you informed and involved at every stage, valuing your input and ensuring the project evolves in line with your vision. 

Quality Assurance and Testing

Rigorous testing and quality assurance are integral to our process. We ensure that every website is aesthetically pleasing but also functional, user-friendly, and free from technical issues. 

Final Review and Handover

Upon meeting our quality standards and receiving your approval, we hand over the completed project. This is your moment to shine as you present a high-quality website under your brand name to your client. 

Ongoing Support

Our commitment to you continues after project delivery. We offer ongoing support to ensure the website performs optimally, adapting to any future updates or changes as needed.

Ready to Expand Your Agency's Web Design Services?

Imagine the relief and confidence of knowing your web design projects are in capable hands. Are you ready to expand your services, meet client demands more efficiently, and grow your business with Melt Design’s white label solution?

Let's Collaborate and Grow Your Services

With our complimentary white label website success services

At Melt Design, we’re more than just a service provider; we’re your strategic partner in success. Reach out to us, and let’s discuss how our white label web design and hosting services can transform your agency’s offerings, helping you overcome challenges and achieve new heights of success. We create stunning websites that reflect your brand and delight your clients.

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Our Complimentary White Label website services help your clients and scale your services effortlessly.

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White Label Speed Optimisation

Is your client's website frustratingly slow? Don't worry. We're here to help! Our speciality is improving website speed, enhancing user experience, and improving search engines.

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White Label Website Support

Say goodbye to the headaches of managing WordPress maintenance for your clients. Our expert White label support and maintenance services will save you time and simple, profitable recurring revenue.

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White Label SEO Optimisation

Skyrocket your client's search engine results with our White label SEO services. Increase your visibility and attract ready-to-buy customers. Boost brand awareness and drive sales. All at an affordable monthly price.

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White Label Website Automation

Supercharge your client's lead generation with our automated marketing solutions for businesses — partner with us to revolutionise your client's business processes and skyrocket their success.

Contact us to Discuss Your White Label Web Design Needs.

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Finding the Right white label web design agency

You could choose from so many white label companies - so why choose us?

Choosing a white label website builder to partner with on your next website project isn’t a decision you should make in a flash – we get that. If you’ve dealt with web design agencies before and they’ve left you in the dark or didn’t do their job right, then we understand your hesitation.

When we take on a white label partner, our goals are simple.

  1. Give you the best experience and simplify your life with clear communication and transparent pricing.
  2. Deliver your clients awesome-looking bespoke white label websites packed with the right marketing tools to effectively manage their sites, market them, and convert visitors into leads and customers.
  3. Support you and your clients however you need during the project and after their website is live to help manage, market and grow.

If that sounds good to you, Don’t wait. Please speak to one of our web design experts today.

White Label Web Design Frequently Asked Questions

A: White label WordPress websites refer to websites created and developed by one agency or person and then sold or licensed to another agency or individual who rebrands it as their own. This allows the buyer to offer web design services without needing extensive web development skills or resources. Boost your brand with customisable white label WordPress websites. Enhance your web design business with our premium white label websites.

A: White label web design and development services offer several benefits. Firstly, it saves time and effort, as the buyer doesn’t have to start from scratch and can leverage the expertise of the original creator. Secondly, it allows the buyer to focus on their branding and marketing efforts, as the white-label website can be customised to match their brand. Finally, it provides an opportunity to offer professional and high-quality websites to clients without the need for extensive technical expertise.

The cost of a White label Website depends on the size and complexity of the project. Our web design projects start from £3000. 

If you’d like to know the costs of working with us and what’s included, view our web design packages here or try our handy website quick quote form.

We’re flexible and will work with you as you need. If you want to do the design and we build it, no problem. It all starts with a conversation. 

Creating a high-quality white label website requires careful planning, design, and development. While the exact timeframe can vary depending on the complexity and scope of the project, it typically takes several weeks to complete. The process begins with an initial consultation to understand your requirements and goals. From there, our skilled designers and developers will work diligently to create a visually appealing and user-friendly website that aligns with your client’s brand. This involves designing custom graphics, developing responsive layouts, integrating necessary features and functionalities, and conducting thorough testing to ensure optimal performance.

We take pride in our attention to detail and commitment to delivering exceptional results in a timely manner. Rest assured, we will work closely with you throughout the entire process to ensure your white-label website is crafted to perfection.

Yes. We provide access to the website to enable you and your clients to upload content and make any changes or updates easily.
We’ll also supply website training and how-to videos for areas of the site you’ll manage regularly, from client management to adding blog content or case studies.

Yes, we offer various WordPress maintenance services for all our WordPress websites, from simple hosting and support to regular improvements to the site and monthly SEO optimisation.

Find Out Why Your Site “Isn't Working”


Stop guessing at a plan of action and let one of our experts analyse your site for you—free of charge.

You’ll get a detailed report with actionable recommendations and a priority list of missed opportunities—so you know precisely what to do and when.