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Project Summary

We partnered with The Wellness Cloud, a provider of corporate training programs focusing on employee wellbeing and mental health in large businesses. Their approach to enhancing employees’ mental health and overall care involves a blend of services, including live workshops and a membership page with insightful videos. They aim to help foster a better work-life balance and develop empathy within teams, key elements for creating efficient and caring workplace environments.

Recognising the need for a strong digital presence to mirror their commitment to employee wellbeing, The Wellness Cloud sought a sophisticated, highly functional website. They aimed to engage a growing audience and securely showcase their rich training resources. We created a technically reliable, inviting website that is easy to navigate, embodying their services’ professional yet empathetic nature.

We used Elemental, which enabled us to design a website that was easy for them to update and manage, balancing their direct control over content and our ongoing support in enhancing its performance and security. Now, the website’s intuitive design and ease of use cater to users seeking resources on mental health and workplace wellbeing.

Since the website revamp, The Wellness Cloud’s online community saw a considerable increase in engagement, with membership numbers swelling to over 3,000. This highlights the importance of combining thoughtful design with user-oriented functionality in driving business growth and expansion.

How we helped


  • Achieved a user-friendly, intuitive website design, enhancing visitor engagement
  • Significantly increased The Wellness Cloud’s online community, with membership growing to over 3,000
  • Established a strong digital presence reflecting their commitment to employee wellbeing
  • Enabled easy, self-managed content updates for The Wellness Cloud through the use of Elemental
  • Improved ease of access to mental health and workplace wellbeing resources, fostering better work-life balance and team empathy
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