Episode 25

Using Printed Newsletters To Help Grow Your Business with Nick Fisher

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In this episode we’re joined by Nick Fisher to discuss the impact a monthly printed newsletter can have on your business. We dive deep into how a monthly printed newsletter can help you to engage and consistently communicate with a current customer. Plus, we explore how it can help build top of mind awareness for your services with both your existing customers and new prospects.

Nick “Big Fish” Fisher is Managing Partner of Ink Newsletters and one of the few blokes as tall as me! He specialises in ‘attention grabbing’ marketing and the lost art of the print newsletter. His main goal is to help business owners turn prospects into clients, increase retention rates, get more referrals, and build stronger relationships with their clients, through the power of high-quality print newsletters.

On the podcast we discussed…

  • How Nick got started in printed newsletter marketing
  • Why you should incorporate printed newsletters into your existing marketing strategy
  • Using newsletters to increase your reach and build top of mind awareness
  • Improving retention and developing a recurring revenue
  • What types of businesses are likely to benefit the most from printed newsletters
  • Common mistakes people make when designing their newsletters and how to avoid them
  • Tips for writing and designing an engaging newsletter
  • Estimated cost of investing in printed newsletters
  • How to use your newsletter to follow up with potential customers and attract new clients

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Using Printed Newsletters To Help Grow Your Business with Nick Fisher

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