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The Melting Pot podcast is a weekly show for entrepreneurs and businesses owners who want to get better results with their website, online marketing, design and business systems.

I use my experience of over ten years of building and marketing over 300+ websites and share insider tips on how to get excellent results with your website, marketing, business systems and design. I also interview incredible guests – people who are brilliant in their fields who will share practical tips and strategies you can apply to yours.

Your website plays a crucial role in marketing your business, selling your services. If you’re an entrepreneur, I believe you need to think about your website in the broader sense: that’s everything from your site, online marketing and social media and business systems to make your life easier and your business more systemised.

So if you’re new to – or looking for fresh ideas – head over to Episode 1 where I discuss if you need a website for your business.

In the meantime, check out some of the resources on our knowledge centre or sign up for one of our incredible free guides.

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