Episode 14

Using Funnels to Qualify More Leads and Make More Sales

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Most people think a funnel is a kitchen utensil! But when used right, a sales funnel can help filter out hot leads and close more sales by helping you to save time from selling to people who will never buy from you.

In this episode of the podcast, we break down what a simple funnel looks like and how you can use it to help grow your business.

Find out about:

  • What a funnel is and how you can use it to filter out hot leads and close more sales
  • How to save yourself time from selling to the wrong people (i.e., the 50% of leads who never had any intentions of buying from you)
  • Using funnels to ensure you only ever talk to qualified leads
  • Driving warm prospects through your funnel and the importance of keeping things simple, targeted and focused
  • The key processes of creating a simple but effective sales funnel that converts
  • What to put on your landing page to convince prospects to take the first step in your funnel
  • Using emails to walk potential customers through your funnel and how they can be used to help build trust in your business
  • The benefits of a pre-written script for the first phone call/strategy session
  • How to retarget potential customers and guide them through your funnel
  • The importance of refining your sales funnel and tracking KPI’s to help determine what’s working and what may need some adjustments
  • Much more


Important Links & Mentions

Using funnels to qualify more leads and make more sales with Matt Eldridge

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