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7 Automations Every Business Should Have

Implementing automation in your business can greatly reduce repetition and wasted time, which are two things that can really slow down the growth of your business.

On this podcast episode, we discuss the seven automations every business should have to help market their business, sell more and eliminate time sapping manual tasks… all while improving your customer’s experience along the way.

On the podcast we discussed…

  • How automated systems and processes can help scale your business
  • Advantages of automating systems and repetitive tasks
  • Understanding that automation isn’t meant to remove or replace people – it aids people
  • Using automation to offer your audience a free giveaway to help build your email marketing list
  • Tips for creating an effective and engaging email marketing campaign
  • The value of having an anti-follow up campaign to help filter out trivial prospects
  • How to develop an automated sales pipeline and tracking system that works for your business
  • Why every business needs a payment automation system
  • Best practices for automating your client onboarding sequence
  • How and why businesses should implement an automated customer feedback system
  • The importance of requesting customer reviews for your products or services to help increase social proof
  • Increasing top of mind awareness using automated retargeting
  • Much more!


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7 Automations Every Business Should Have

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