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The Power of Content Repurposing with Amy Woods

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The Power of Content Repurposing with Amy Woods

Creating fresh and engaging content on a consistent basis takes a lot of time and resources, which is why it’s so important to get the most from your content by repurposing it into different formats.

However, the majority of companies don’t have a specific content repurposing process in place. The problem is that most business owners don’t have the time (or the skillset) to keep producing new content, which is why repurposing your content is so critical to the success of your business.

I wanted to explore the exciting world of content repurposing further, which is why I invited content repurposing guru and founder of Content 10x, Amy Woods, onto the show. Amy is a digital business, content marketing and social media superhero that lives and breathes content repurposing. Her business, Content 10x, is a high-quality content repurposing service for busy business owners and entrepreneurs from all over the world, helping them to multiply their content and maximise their reach online.

On the podcast we discussed:

  • What content repurposing is and why your business needs to embrace it
  • How repurposed content can help extend the reach of your message to new audiences on various platforms
  • The benefits of content repurposing such as saving yourself time from continuously creating new content and instead getting the most value from existing content
  • Creative ideas for repurposing your blog post, podcast episode or video into different formats that add value to your audience
  • Understanding how content repurposing can help you to create content that appeals to different learning styles
  • The importance of adapting your content to different platforms
  • Why content creators should put more thought into social posts
  • Posting to social media directly Vs. automatic scheduling
  • Best practices for content repurposing
  • Using analytics to identify your best performing content to help you decide what content to repurpose
  • Introducing content repurposing into your marketing strategy
  • How content repurposing can help reduce your website’s bounce rate
  • Converting your content into content upgrades to help generate more leads (such as a checklist, eBook or downloadable PDF etc.)
  • Breaking video content into shorter videos and ads
  • The benefits of producing/repurposing content on a consistent basis
  • How to transform a blog post into a multimedia experience
  • Much more!


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The Power of Content Repurposing with Amy Woods

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