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How to use Story Telling in your Marketing with Lucy Collier

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How being you can make you attract your tribe

People have been telling stories since the dawn of time. The only thing that’s changed is the way we tell them. In this podcast episode, I explore ways that you can leverage the power of storytelling to market your business with my special guest, Lucy Collier.

Having appointed herself the ‘Caucasian Provocateur,’ Lucy with a Why is a Marketer and Copywriter who isn’t afraid to ‘go there.’ She gives her clients the gift of personality and punctures it throughout their entire marketing process, from websites and content, to direct mail and video. Her provocative and ‘thumb-stopping’ approach makes her one to watch for that elusive tingle of shock and awe.

If you don’t quite believe her and you’d like to read some amusing musings on marketing things, you’re welcome to be thoroughly entertained by subscribing to her provocative fortnightly e-letter: Lucy with a Wine.

On the podcast we discussed:

  • How to use storytelling and creative copywriting to market your business
  • Standing out on social media with fantastic graphics and inventive copy
  • Using a provocative language style to grab people’s attention and encourage them to engage with your business
  • Why your content should be more provocative, shocking and offensive (in a light-hearted way) to help gain more customers
  • The secret of injecting personality into your copy and the importance of being 100% you
  • When trying to discover your style, start by finding out how you write naturally and replicate that style throughout your content
  • How to build confidence after being knocked down or harshly criticised for doing something different
  • Using Instagram Stories to push boundaries and help build a following of customers that are more likely to engage with your content
  • Overcoming creativity fears and how to test new styles of content

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How to use Story Telling in your Marketing with Lucy Collier

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