Show Notes

8 Ways to Membership Site Success

Launching a membership site is hard work. But, with the right advice and support, your hard work will pay off – literally.

We’re continuing our mini-series on membership sites with a podcast episode that reveals the secrets of the trade when it comes to running a successful membership site.

Whether you want to start and grow a membership site from scratch or you’ve got one that isn’t performing as well as you hoped, by the time you finish listening to this episode you’ll have a clear blueprint that’ll help you achieve membership site success!

On the podcast I discussed:

  • The importance of niching down with your membership site
  • How to present yourself as an expert within your industry
  • Why you need to keep your membership site simple
  • How to make CTA’s clear to your customers
  • Tips for connecting your website to your CRM
  • How to attract warm leads to join your membership site
  • Using free content upgrades or a free trial to build your email list and generate more leads
  • The benefits of offering members multiple payment options
  • How to make your website easy to navigate
  • Advice for engaging with your members and building a community
  • Using live events to connect with your members
  • Why you should always listen to your audience and fine-tune your offering

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8 Ways to Membership Site Success

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