Episode 11

Using Content Marketing to Generate and Close Sales

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Most people are producing content but seeing no results. For this reason, content marketing becomes one big stress and hassle.

Content marketing should be used to build awareness, solve potential customers problems and help convert them into paying customers. In this episode of the podcast, we look at the different phases and types of content you need to produce to help to generate and close more sales.

Find out about:

  • How to create a content funnel for your business
  • Creating content for the awareness phase of the buyer’s journey including educational videos, step-by-step tutorials, and expert interviews etc.
  • Why you need to create content that answers your most commonly asked questions
  • Building your credibility and brand awareness with smart content marketing
  • Repurposing your best performing content to drive even more traffic to your website
  • Transitioning from awareness content to conversion content
  • Creating content for the conversion phase of your sales funnel such as detailed case studies, testimonials, social media posts that outline the benefits of working with you and lots more!
  • Using automated chatbots to communicate with potential customers
  • How to use Facebook remarketing to retarget people who have previously shown interest in your business
  • The importance of providing continuous value to your customers
  • Using content in the onboarding phase of the buyer’s journey such as a welcome email, a thank you gift or a printed newsletter etc.
  • Tips and strategies to help you build customer loyalty


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Using Content Marketing to Generate and Close Sales

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