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How to Use Direct Mail to Power Up your Marketing with Oli Luke

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We’re living in a digital age where most businesses focus their marketing efforts online, and more traditional marketing strategies (such as direct mail) are left to gather cobwebs in the sidelines. However, smart business owners understand that direct mail is a valuable marketing asset that engages people, helps you to build brand awareness and most importantly, makes sales.

In this podcast episode, I speak to Oli Luke, a direct mail expert. Through his direct mail consultancy company and as the founder of the UK’s largest handwritten mailing house, Oli works on behalf of some of the UK’s most prestigious brands to build high-impact direct mail campaigns.

We discuss some great strategies and tactics to use to take your marketing from online to offline. We also explore the power of direct mail and how you can use it to supplement your online marketing and get in front of your ideal clients.

On the podcast we discussed:

  • An insight into the different areas of direct mail
  • How to use direct mail to reach people at every touch point of the customer journey
  • Why investing in direct mail isn’t as expensive as you might think
  • Diversifying your risk by taking your online (email) subscribers offline
  • Crafting the perfect “take-away letter” to help save time and money
  • Banishing common myths and misconceptions related to direct mail marketing
  • Pro tips for building a list of subscribers
  • Using a “sandwich page” to convince people to sign-up to receive your mail
  • The benefits of newsletters and how to use them to help generate sales
  • Why you need to get creative with your direct mail campaigns to grab people’s attention and increase engagement
  • Common mistakes businesses make when implementing a direct mail campaign
  • How to start using direct mail effectively
  • The importance of personalising the letters that you send to subscribers
  • Getting the envelope right and how you can use it to increase your customer response rate


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How to Use Direct Mail to Power Up your Marketing with Oli Luke

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