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The Ultimate Guide To Membership Websites With Mike Morrison

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I’ve got a special guest joining me on the show this week, and that’s none other than Mike Morrison from The Membership Guys and The Member Site Academy. If you’re thinking about starting a membership site, but don’t know where to start, this podcast episode was made for you!

With over 15 years in the online marketing and web development industry, Mike and his partner Callie have been involved with hundreds of membership sites, communities and online courses covering a diverse range of topics.

From weight loss to business coaching, executive training to bass guitar, and everything in between – Mike spent years helping great clients to achieve fantastic results from their online business.

Mike and Callie’s focus is teaching entrepreneurs and small business owners just like you to create successful membership sites which earn 5 – 7 figures a year in recurring revenue.

In this episode of the podcast, we explore everything you need to know about membership sites including how to create one that your audience can’t wait to sign-up for.

On the podcast we discussed:

  • An explanation of what a membership site is
  • How a paid membership site can generate recurring revenue
  • The community aspect and how it helps to keep people engaged
  • The journey that most people go through when launching a membership site
  • Using social proof to attract new members
  • Disadvantages of using a Facebook Group as a substitute for a membership site
  • Understanding that a membership site is a business model
  • How the recurring revenue element of a membership site can be a massive game changer for your business
  • Working one to many Vs working on a one to one basis
  • How a membership model can bring you flexibility and fulfilment
  • Understanding that delivering value and providing content are not the same thing
  • Why you should consider providing a module or part of your course with a live video
  • Tips for getting your membership site off the ground when you don’t have all of the content created from the start
  • The benefits of finding and dominating a niche
  • Why you should aim to have around 1000 true fans to pave your way to success
  • Using content marketing to attract warmer leads that are more likely to remain committed to your membership
  • How to remarket to previous website visitors
  • Why you should evolve your membership site based on feedback from your existing members
  • Much, much more!

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The Ultimate Guide To Membership Websites With Mike Morrison

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