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5 Things to Change on Your Website To See Better Results

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5 Things to Change on Your Website To See Better Results


Although your website plays a vital role in building your personal brand, a lot of businesses struggle to use their website for its main purpose – to help generate leads. Whether you created a DIY website, or you hired an agency or freelancer to build it for you, it’s very rare that anyone actually takes the time to guide you on what to do to make your website a success.

If you can convert just 1% of your website visitors into promising leads, it can have a significant impact on your bottom line. So, in this podcast episode, I reveal five things to change on your website to see better results and more conversions.

On the podcast I discussed:

  • How to craft a headline that clearly explains what you do with complete clarity
  • Why you should skip passive call to actions and use strong CTA’s that compels your avatar to act
  • Identifying your avatar’s pain using a simple bullet point list
  • How to build your credibility and offer proof that you can give customers the results they want
  • Tips for creating a lead generator that you can add to every page of your website

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5 Things to Change on Your Website To See Better Results

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7 Things To Change On Your Website

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