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The Future Of Marketing and Sales Automation With Chris Davis

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In this episode of The Melting Pot podcast, I’m joined by Chris Davies, the Head of Education at Active Campaign. During the interview, we talk about the power of marketing and sales automation. We also explore what the future looks like with automation 

Chris is a marketing mentor and entertaining educator with a passion for facilitating understanding for business owners and digital marketers alike. With over 12 years of experience in the marketing and technology space, Chris brings a meticulous and unique approach to building out marketing and sales systems for businesses and organizations to leverage for rapid growth. 

On the podcast we discussed… 

  • What Active Campaign is and how it works for business 
  • How to use a CRM to help create a more personalised marketing automation system 
  • Why you need to segment your email marketing list to deliver the right message to the right person 
  • The power of personalised messaging and using it to engage with your audience 
  • Using multi-channel communications to unify the language you use to engage with your audience and leveraging it to make your marketing more intelligent 
  • How the digital age has enabled small businesses to provide custom solutions on a wide scale 
  • Why the CEO has to be the guru in their business 
  • How to use automation to increase revenue 
  • The importance of mapping out your business’ processes  
  • How to effectively deploy automation in your business  
  • Saving time and increasing productivity with automated systems 
  • Using automation to help avoid losing data and handing off key tasks to other members of your team 
  • How your business can master the art of audience building 
  • Managing your audience on different platforms  
  • Why business owners need to craft a message and come up with a way to consistently put their expertise on display 
  • Much more! 

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The future of marketing and sales automation with Chris Davies

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