Episode 26

How to Grow Your Audience and Make More Sales Using Facebook Ads with Liz Melville

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In this episode of The Melting Pot podcast, I talk to Facebook ads and funnel specialist, Liz Melville, about the power Facebook ads can have on your business. We also dive into the importance of growing your audience and the strategies and metrics you need to use to make Facebook ads more effective.

Liz Melville is a highly regarded Facebook ads strategist, with over eight years of experience in promoting brands and businesses online. Her clients spend tens of thousands of dollars on Facebook ads each month and include some of the biggest names in Facebook and online marketing (including one of the original ‘sharks’ from Shark Tank!).

Through her signature program, Ads on Fire, she has mentored countless solopreneurs and personal brands and taught them how to create a steady stream of dream clients and grow their online business by running their own high converting Facebook ads.

A proud Scottish lass, Liz is a devoted mum to her young son and enjoys spending her free time in the great outdoors. She loves nothing more than a walk with her dog, and paddle boarding on the nearest loch – with or without her laptop!

On the podcast we discussed…

  • How Liz got into Facebook advertising
  • Using Facebook ads to build a connection with your audience
  • Why you need to build trust and credibility before closing the sale
  • The ABC strategy and how to get people interested in you and what you have to offer
  • The importance of using a conversational tone in your social media marketing content
  • How to identify what your ideal customer wants from you
  • A fundamental campaign strategy for businesses who are new to Facebook ads
  • Why you should test how well your organic posts do before putting money behind them
  • Key metrics for creating Facebook ads that convert
  • Why you need to consider how much each lead is worth to you when setting your Facebook marketing budget
  • How to interpret your Facebook marketing stats to help increase conversions
  • Using sales re-targeting ads to bring visitors back to your landing page
  • The future of Facebook ads and whether or not the platform will continue to grow

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How to Grow Your Audience and Make More Sales Using Facebook Ads with Liz Melville

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