Episode 09

The Importance of Having Clarity on your Website

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Did you know that if someone can’t understand what you do from your website within the first 3 to 5 seconds, they’re gone? They’ll not only click off your website, but they’ll take their potential business away with them.

In this podcast episode, I go solo and use the opportunity to talk about why having clarity on your website is so important and how you can achieve it. I believe that clarity should be at the forefront of every business, especially when it comes to communicating your message to prospective clients. No matter how complex your business is, if people have to guess what you do, your website just isn’t working!

Find out about:

  • The problem with having unclear messaging on your website
  • Why confusion kills conversions
  • Why you should think about outsourcing content to a professional copywriter to help relay your message in a way that virtually anyone can understand
  • Putting an excellent position statement in your header and reinforcing it on other pages to help drive traffic
  • Crafting the best possible headline and making sure it portrays your expertise and what results you can get for potential customers
  • Testing different headlines and tracking KPI’s to see which headline gets the most conversions and reduces the overall bounce rate
  • Using copy to communicate your message in a simple but enticing manner
  • Why you should think about including an explanatory introductory video on your website to help speak to your audience
  • The importance of using imagery that relates to your business
  • What makes a good call-to-action that will drive conversions
  • Why you should use testimonials that reinforce your position statement to help build trust in your business
  • How to track KPI’s using Google Analytics


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The Importance of Having Clarity on your Website

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