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How to Consistently Engage and Automate Lead Generation on LinkedIn with Andy Gwynn

If you know you should be using LinkedIn to generate new leads, engage consistently with your connections and get conversations & meetings offline, take a listen to this episode of the podcast with my special guest, Andy Gwynn.

Andy is a personal LinkedIn strategist and has been coaching business owners, franchisors and professionals to grow their businesses since 2003. Over the last two years, he has been coaching his clients and running workshops on how to generate more business through their use of LinkedIn.

On the podcast we discussed…

  • Andy’s experience in coaching businesses and an insight into his role as a personal LinkedIn strategist
  • Why LinkedIn is a powerful tool to connect with your ideal prospects and contacts
  • The benefits of using LinkedIn if you’re in the B2B space
  • What three things every LinkedIn profile needs to connect with the right people
  • The importance of implementing an effective strategy to increase engagement
  • Why you should think of LinkedIn as a tool to get prospects offline as quickly as possible
  • How to give value to your reader via your LinkedIn profile
  • Generating leads through LinkedIn
  • How to reach out and engage with your connections the right way
  • A psychological sales approach towards effectively selling on LinkedIn
  • The importance of building quality connections
  • Using automated messaging to help increase inbound lead generation
  • Whether or not your business should invest in LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator
  • Much more!


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How to Consistently Engage and Automate Lead Generation on LinkedIn with Andy Gwynn

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