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Project Summary

Urban Wellness is a counselling practice in Chicago that specialises in various mental health services. They approached us to help enhance their website to better present their diverse services, which include individual counselling and educational resources through the UW Academy and Community Academy.

They wanted a user-friendly website that could neatly organise and display their extensive services, therapist profiles, and educational content, enabling functionalities like appointment booking and therapist filtering by location or specialisation. This development was crucial to align with their goal of making mental health services more approachable and efficient.

The redesigned Urban Wellness website now has streamlined navigation to various services, an intuitive therapist directory with filtering options, easy appointment booking, and comprehensive sections for their UW and Community Academies. These enhancements have markedly improved the overall user experience and accessibility of their services.

How we helped


  • Improved user navigation with streamlined access to mental health services
  • Enhanced therapist directory featuring filter options by location and specialisation
  • Simplified and efficient online appointment booking system
  • Expanded visibility and accessibility of UW and Community Academy educational content
  • Boosted overall user experience, aligning with the goal of making mental health services more approachable
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