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Project Summary

Nice Media is a video production company specialising in creating video-based learning experiences for businesses. They have several significant clients.

The existing website had an overly extensive navigation system and needed a structured way to showcase services and their associated case studies. In addition, the “Knowledge Hub” was abundant with diverse content types – articles, video series, news, podcasts, and webinar – which led to navigational challenges for users.

We simplified the website’s navigation and created individual service pages with video content. In the “Case Studies” section, we effectively organised the content to display projects completed for different clients.

We implemented an automated system that places projects related to a specific service onto that service’s page. A filtering feature was also added to the “Case Studies” section, allowing users to sort by service type and industry.

To address the overflowing content in the “Knowledge Hub,” we added a more structured approach by incorporating filtering options, making it easier for users to find relevant articles, video series, news, podcasts, and webinars. A meet the team section was also created to facilitate easier management of team content and profiles on the website.

How we helped


  • Improved user experience through simplified navigation
  • Enhanced professional image with a polished website layout
  • Increased discoverability of related projects with automated system
  • Facilitated targeted browsing with case study filtering feature
  • Users can now find relevant articles, video series, news, podcasts, and webinars with ease
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