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Project Summary

Photographic Synergy is a photo studio in Herefordshire, offering a broad range of photography services tailored to various customer needs.

The client aimed to launch a Photography studio website that not only looked professional and modern but also supported the selling of gift vouchers and enabled bookings for their photography services.

Before our engagement, Photographic Synergy did not have a website and relied on traditional business methods. We successfully created a brand-new Elementor-based website that encapsulates Photographic Synergy’s need for professionalism and modernity. The website highlights the studio’s wide range of photography services.

Our solution extended beyond just a visually appealing design. We implemented a straightforward booking system where clients can select their type of shoot and pay the deposit online.

In addition, the website features specific competitions for lead generation, like cute babies and family portraits, which allow visitors to sign up. This information then feeds directly into a CRM system for subsequent email marketing.

An integrated e-commerce shop allows for the convenient purchase of gift vouchers. Since the site’s launch, the client has experienced good feedback, increased SEO, and sales and booking growth.

How we helped


  • Increased online visibility due to a professional, modern website
  • Streamlined booking process with online deposit payments
  • Enhanced lead generation through targeted competitions
  • Seamless integration with CRM for effective email marketing
  • Boosted revenue via e-commerce-enabled gift voucher sales
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