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Project Summary

The Handweaving Academy, an institution dedicated to the art and skill of handweaving, needed a website transformation to mirror the quality and craftsmanship they teach. Their goal was to have a front-facing website communicating their passion for handweaving and inviting visitors to join their community. The Academy needed an online space that was informative and inviting, inspiring visitors to explore the art of handweaving further and consider becoming members.

Addressing this, we focused on redesigning and building their front-facing site. Our approach was grounded in simplicity and clarity, ensuring that each page, especially the sales page, blended compelling narratives and clear calls to action. We wanted the passion for handweaving to be palpable when someone landed on the website.

We integrated a blog for educational and marketing purposes and embedded multiple calls to action, encouraging visitors to dive into the membership world. The completed website has a clean, user-friendly design with intuitive navigation. Each feature, from the blog to the membership prompts, deepens the visitor’s engagement and draws them closer to becoming a member.

How we helped


  • Enhanced user engagement with a clean, intuitive website design
  • Improved membership sign-ups through clear calls to action
  • Established a compelling online presence reflecting craftsmanship and passion for handweaving
  • Increased visitor time on site with an informative, integrated blog
  • Strengthened community feel, inspiring more visitors to explore and join the handweaving world


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