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Project Summary

Medical Mavericks brings science to life in schools through hands-on medical workshops and experiments. They partnered with us to manage and improve their main website, intending to make it a comprehensive information hub for their diverse audience, which includes teachers, students, and parents.

The website was a vast repository of content, including lesson plans, career starter packs, live workshops, and on-demand training. The challenge lay in streamlining this information to ensure ease of navigation and to enhance user engagement for teachers seeking resources and schools wishing to book workshops.

Our solution was a strategic redesign of the website. We focused on creating distinct, easily navigable paths for different user groups, enabling them to effortlessly access the information most relevant to them. This included a dedicated MMTV section for students interested in science video series, and a clear route for schools to engage with and book for the Medic Fest program.

We managed the whole redesign process, ensuring the new website structure provided a seamless user experience, easy access to resources, and straightforward paths for booking workshops. As part of this we reorganised the content and enhanced website functionality to support these goals. The client is also on our support plan, ensuring continuous updates and improvements based on user feedback and engagement.

How we helped


  • Streamlined content for easy navigation, enhancing user engagement
  • Distinct, navigable paths created for teachers, students, and parents
  • Integrated MMTV section for student-focused science video series
  • Simplified booking process for schools to engage with Medic Fest program
  • Ongoing support and updates based on user feedback, ensuring continuous improvement of user experience
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