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Project Summary

FTS Income operates in the betting industry, focusing on football and horse racing. Their primary offering is a membership platform, allowing users daily access to match odds, downloadable data, and training on using this data to refine their betting strategies.

While the site was functional, it presented significant usability and sales connectivity challenges. The user experience could have been more optimal, and the marketing tools, including the podcast, needed to be integrated effectively.

We did a complete redesign of the website to address these challenges. We categorised the site into distinct levels like “beginner” and “ultimate,” each accompanied by its tailored dashboard. The goal was to enhance user experience while streamlining access to data. Our design overhaul, coupled with the integrated podcast, positions FTS Income as a leader in its niche, offering users a blend of resources and training.

FTS Income’s membership has doubled since the revamp. But beyond numbers, the restructured platform now empowers the FTS team to introduce and promote additional services and upsells confidently, marking a turning point in their growth journey.

How we helped


  • Membership count doubled post-website revamp
  • Enhanced user experience with tailored dashboards
  • Clear categorisation of content for different skill levels
  • Successful integration of marketing tools and podcasts
  • Enabled effective promotion of additional services and upsells
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