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Project Summary

Chorlton Tuition is a Manchester-based tuition centre that specialises in teaching Maths and English to school-aged children, aimed at preparing them for their GCSEs, 11+ and entrance exams. Chorlton Tuition had an underperforming website that wasn’t effectively converting visitors into leads. The business also lacked a distinct brand identity, affecting its online presence.

We undertook a complete website revamp to strongly encourage user actions like booking assessments. A “Book an Assessment” button and the phone number are now prominently featured at the top of every page. Since the business initially lacked a robust brand identity, we designed a cohesive colour scheme and integrated it with diverse and inclusive images to better represent Chorlton Tuition’s values and community.

We tackled performance issues by optimising the website’s loading times and enhancing the user experience, thus making the site functional and visually appealing. To boost the brand, we emphasised Chorlton Tuition’s 19 years in business, five awards, and its status as Manchester’s best-rated tuition centre.

We heavily used testimonials for added trust and credibility and updated the content to be more user-friendly. A “Knowledge Centre” featuring educational blogs was added to improve SEO. We also integrated the website with Facebook and Google, enabling the automatic display of current reviews. The various services offered by the centre were also prominently highlighted.

The result of this overhaul has been quite impactful: Chorlton Tuition has seen a significant uptick in website traffic from both search and organic sources, and “Book an Assessment” form submissions have increased by 100%. This comprehensive approach has given Chorlton Tuition a solid digital presence and contributed to its business growth.

How we helped


  • The revamped website now effectively converts visitors into leads
  • A cohesive brand identity now resonates with Chorlton Tuition’s values and community
  • User-friendly content has improved user navigation and overall site experience
  • The “Knowledge Centre” enhances SEO, drawing more organic traffic
  • The overhaul led to a significant increase in organic and search website traffic
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