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Project Summary

We worked with Bricolage Wellness, a coaching and therapy business located in Chicago. They offer many services and have a large team of therapists catering to individuals and businesses.

Bricolage Wellness had an existing website that was functional but connected to a system they couldn’t edit. They sought a more flexible solution that allowed users to search for therapists and services easily.

Their old website was operational but not as flexible as they would have liked. It didn’t allow for much customisation or a user-friendly search experience.

We completely redesigned the website from scratch, aligning with Bricolage Wellness’s branding guidelines. The new design aimed to highlight the range of services offered and feature therapists more prominently. Users can now pick therapists based on different criteria, including location, insurance, service, and pronouns.

To address the inflexibility of the old website, we developed a new content management system that allows Bricolage Wellness to create and customise service pages. Now, when a viewer selects a specific service, the relevant therapists are displayed.

The revamped site offers advanced search capabilities. Users can filter their search by specific locations or specialities, like ADHD. This was one of the main reasons for the redesign, allowing for a more targeted user experience.

How we helped


  • Simplified, advanced user search capabilities
  • Improved client-therapist matching through detailed criteria
  • Consistent brand representation with redesign
  • Customisable content management system
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