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Project Summary

Improving Bricolage Wellness’s Online Presence with Superior Therapy Website Design

Our recent project with Bricolage Wellness showcases our expertise in therapy website design, where we aimed to revolutionise their digital presence. This case study delves into our strategic approach to crafting a visually appealing and functionally superior website, ensuring a seamless user experience for those seeking therapy services.

Design Approach and Features in Bricolage Wellness Therapy Website Design 

  • Intuitive User Interface: Prioritising ease of navigation to enhance the therapy website design.
  • Adaptive Design: Ensuring the therapy website is fully responsive across various devices.
  • Brand Integration: Seamlessly incorporating Bricolage Wellness’s brand identity into the website design.
  • Enhanced Search Functionality: Developing a comprehensive therapist search feature tailored for therapy website design.
  • Customisable Service Pages: Allowing dynamic content adaptation in the therapy website design.

Innovative Features in Bricolage Wellness Therapy Website Design

  • Advanced Therapist Filtering: Implementing a robust filtering system specific to therapy website design needs.
  • Streamlined Lead Generation: Integrating forms specifically optimised for the therapy website.
  • Engaging Content Library: Curating a resourceful content hub to complement the therapy website.
  • Direct Booking Options: Incorporating real-time booking features to enhance the therapy website.

Building a Successful Therapy Website Design: Key Strategies and Tips

A successful therapy website design hinges on understanding the unique needs of therapy clients. It should offer an empathetic user experience, clear information, and easy navigation. Incorporating SEO strategies specific to therapy website design is also good for online visibility. Regular updates, responsive design, and consistent branding are vital elements that keep a therapy website relevant and engaging.

Goals for an Effective Therapy Websites

  • User Engagement Optimisation: Focusing on interactive elements in therapy website design.
  • Consistent Brand Representation: Aligning the website’s look and feel with the brand’s core values.
  • SEO Excellence: Achieving high search engine rankings through targeted therapy keywords.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: Ensuring the therapy website design is responsive on all devices.
  • Simplified User Journey: Streamlining navigation enhances the therapy website design experience.

Checklist for a Successful Therapy Website Design

  • Clear, intuitive navigation.
  • Responsive and adaptive design.
  • Quick load times.
  • High-quality, relevant therapy content.
  • Effective call-to-action elements.
  • Secure, reliable hosting solutions.
  • Ongoing SEO and content strategy.

Developing a Robust Strategy for a your Therapy Website

  • Audience Understanding: Tailoring the therapy website design to meet client needs.
  • Emphasis on Content Quality: Providing valuable and relevant information on the therapy website.
  • Strategic SEO Implementation: Using targeted keywords and strategies for better ranking.
  • Analytics Utilisation: Leveraging data to refine the therapy website design.
  • Continuous Updates: Keeping the therapy website design fresh and up-to-date.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) for Therapy Websites

  • Strategic Keyword Use: Incorporating keywords effectively throughout the site.
  • Building Quality Backlinks: Focusing on reputable links to boost the therapy website’s authority.
  • Optimising Media: Ensuring fast load times and SEO-friendly media on the therapy website.
  • Local SEO Focus: Targeting local search terms relevant to therapy.
  • Regular Content Renewal: Keeping the therapy website vibrant with fresh, optimised content.

Additional Considerations for your Therapy Website

  • ADA Compliance: Making the therapy website design accessible to all users.
  • Enhanced Security Features: Prioritising data protection in the therapy website design.
  • User Feedback Integration: Encouraging user interaction and feedback on the therapy website.
  • Ongoing Testing: Continuously improving the therapy website design for optimal performance.
  • Social Media Integration: Expanding the therapy website’s reach through social media engagement.


How we helped


  • Simplified, advanced user search capabilities
  • Improved client-therapist matching through detailed criteria
  • Consistent brand representation with redesign
  • Customisable content management system
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