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Project Summary

We worked with Cozier, a premier underfloor heating installation company that caters to an exclusive clientele. Specialising in delivering high-quality underfloor heating solutions, Cozier serves wealthy homeowners, property developers, and tradespeople looking for top-of-the-line installations.

Cozier needed a website that could mirror the luxury of their services and facilitate easy interactions with their high-end clientele. They had a clear brand identity, encapsulated by their signature orange colour and high-end imagery. However, they needed a cohesive online platform to showcase these assets and engage effectively with their high-value clientele.

Our team curated a design to complement Cozier’s brand ethos. Utilising their high-end imagery, we created a visually stunning, user-friendly website. We chose simple, elegant fonts and colours that align with Cozier’s brand guidelines, incorporating their signature orange to maintain brand consistency. We emphasised a luxurious yet clean aesthetic to appeal to their affluent customer base.

We incorporated web forms to simplify the process for customers seeking quick quotes on underfloor heating services. In addition to the core elements, we integrated a blog section to bolster Cozier’s thought leadership in the underfloor heating industry. This feature allows them to share expert insights, which enriches the customer experience and enhances SEO performance. Through our approach, Cozier now boasts a high-end, effective, and fully integrated digital platform that perfectly resonates with their elite clientele.

How we helped


  • Enhanced brand Image through website that mirrors luxury ethos
  • Improved engagement with user-friendly design
  • Streamlined operations via quick quote web forms
  • SEO optimisation through rich content and blog feature
  • Quick estimates with simple web forms
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