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Project Summary

Manchester Personal Introductions operates a dating service, but it’s not your typical dating site – there’s no endless browsing through digital profiles. Instead, MPI connects people in person, reminiscent of a more traditional dating agency style. They cater to individuals who prefer being set up on dates based on specific search criteria rather than using online platforms.

Our task was overhauling MPI’s website to reflect their in-person, tailored matchmaking approach better. We rejuvenated their brand, starting with a logo redesign, a fresh and inviting colour scheme, and a font update to make everything feel more personal. The website’s focus was streamlined to a membership questionnaire, guiding users through simple onboarding steps, with ‘Get Started Today’ as the primary call to action.

We focused on simplicity and clarity, using contemporary web design tools to create a site that, while uncomplicated, serves its purpose effectively as a lead generation and sales platform. With a clear emphasis on the membership questionnaire, it’s built for ease of use. Therefore, the simplicity of the design removes any barriers that could complicate a user’s journey.

Since the launch of the revamped site, MPI has experienced a boost in user engagement and an uptick in inquiries, demonstrating how the site efficiently fulfils its role as a lead generation tool.

How we helped


  • Revamped MPI’s brand with a new logo, colour scheme, and font for a more personal feel
  • Simplified website design focused on membership questionnaire for easy user onboarding
  • Streamlined website to serve effectively as a lead generation and sales platform
  • Enhanced user engagement and experience with clear, contemporary web design
  • Notable increase in user inquiries and engagement post website overhaul
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