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Project Summary

We had the opportunity to work with Colinear, founded by Trudy Lewis. She is a consultant, coach, and mentor specialising in business communication, focusing on enhancing brand and internal communications for large corporations.

The project involved transforming an existing website that was lacking in visual appeal and functionality into a vibrant, informative platform. The original site was functional but basic, with an uninspiring presentation of the services offered.

We revitalised the site with new colours and fonts, added numerous photos of Trudy for a personal touch, and organised the display of her services, which included consultation, live events, and group training sessions to improve communication within businesses. We also added strategically placed calls to action to improve visitor engagement, and we optimised the site for better navigation and performance.

A weekly newsletter subscription pop-up was integrated, along with a blog section for Trudy to share valuable content. Overall, the project centred on regenerating Trudy’s brand through targeted website improvements. The result is an engaging platform that aligns seamlessly with her brand and internal communications expertise.

How we helped


  • Improved visuals enhance brand image
  • Easy navigation helps users find information quickly
  • Newsletter pop-up aids in lead generation
  • Organised service display simplifies understanding of offerings
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