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Project Summary

Ignite Growth, a marketing agency dedicated to healthcare businesses, including dental companies and medical clinics, approached us to create a new website tailored for lead generation.

It needed to compellingly present success stories and client feedback while maintaining an intuitive, action-driven user experience. Their primary goal was to encourage site visitors to engage directly by booking a call.

We did a website design and development, with key features including prominent CTAs, success stories, a blog, and educational videos for clinics. The site features straightforward navigation, allowing users to access diverse resources and client experiences effortlessly. The ‘Book a Call’ feature is a central element, positioned strategically to capture user interest promptly. 

This project has provided Ignite Growth with a functional, targeted platform to connect with its specific audience. The website not only serves as a lead generation tool but also as a testament to their expertise in healthcare marketing. In addition, they have a support plan with us, so we can offer continuous support for updates and refinements, meaning the site is well-positioned to adapt to evolving client needs.

How we helped


  • Enhanced lead generation with a focus on healthcare business clients
  • Improved client engagement through effective “Book a Call” feature
  • User-friendly design featuring straightforward navigation and prominent CTAs
  • Rich content showcase including success stories, educational videos, and blogs
  • Ongoing support and adaptability ensuring continuous updates and relevance
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