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Project Summary

We had the privilege of working with Harry Harrington, the owner of Bonsai 4 Me, a lead generation and informational website dedicated to the art of bonsai. Harry is an industry influencer with years of experience, sharing his knowledge through blog posts, YouTube videos, and live events.

While Harry had established a credible name in the bonsai community, his website was lagging behind. The site had not been updated in nearly a decade, resulting in a user experience that was hard to navigate and a design that failed to reflect the quality of Harry’s work. The challenge was to deliver a more professional and modern website that captured leads and served as an effective tool for educating visitors about bonsai.

Harry’s assets included a substantial library of articles, galleries, videos, and a shop offering bonsai trees and related products. Additionally, he had an active YouTube channel and a series of events to promote. However, these assets were not being utilised to their full potential due to the old website’s outdated design and difficult navigation.

Our design team focused on creating a user-friendly interface aligned with Harry’s brand. We introduced a lead generation newsletter form for people to sign up for exclusive content and forthcoming events, aligning with Harry’s aim to build an audience. The new layout makes exploring the vast library of articles, photo series, and videos more accessible. 

We also incorporated features to support Harry’s one-to-one coaching services, promote his book, and highlight his active social media channels. This allows visitors not only to learn about bonsai but also to engage with Harry’s broader offerings.

How we helped


  • Leads generated through the site have increased by over 30% since the new site was launched.
  • Harry is recognised as the go-to expert in the Bonsai industry in the UK.
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