What Is WooCommerce and Why Should You Use It?

Table of Contents

There are many options in the process of creating the eCommerce site. WooCommerce is among the most popular choices.

 WooCommerce is the basis for more eCommerce stores than any other platform with 25 percent of all 1,000,000 top websites worldwide. Because WooCommerce is user-friendly and flexible the numbers are expected to continue to grow.

 This article will provide a brief explanation of what WooCommerce is , and why it became so well-known. We will also discuss the ways to utilize WooCommerce and its benefits and a few plugins we would recommend.

what is woocommerce and why should you use it

 Table of Contents

  • How do you define WooCommerce?
  • WooCommerce: What makes it so well-known?
  • WooCommerce: What products can you offer?
  • WooCommerce : The Benefits
  • How to Start Using WooCommerce
  • What does WooCommerce do?
  • WooCommerce Plugins
  • WooCommerce Shortcodes
  • Conclusion

 How do you define WooCommerce?

 WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin which allows you to build an online store on WordPress. It turns your WordPress running system to the eCommerce store.

WooCommerce allows you to sell any product or service affordable and easy through your website. It allows you to sell physical and digital products as well as accept secure payment. You can also manage inventory and to sort your taxes in a way that is automatic.

 WooCommerce What is it so well-known for?

WooCommerce’s ties to WordPress is the primary reason why it’s so popular. WooCommerce provides hundreds of themes including free and paid and a multitude of plugins to create a more functional store. These are only some of the numerous advantages WooCommerce is so well-known for developing your online shop.

  • WooCommerce and WordPress are both completely free
  • WooCommerce is an open-source program, which means anyone can modify, expand and review the code.
  • WooCommerce is compatible with all devices and is responsive.
  • WooCommerce is secure

WooCommerce What products can you offer?

 WooCommerce lets you sell almost anything online. It’s widely used to sell physical items such as jewellery, beard oils, clothing, coffee, and many more. It is also possible to use WooCommerce to sell digital items and make appointments, bookings or reservations, as well as offer services.

 WooCommerce : The Benefits

  1. Simple to set up and install

It’s the same as the installation of any other WordPress plugin. It is available for download at no cost by visiting the WordPress plugin directory, which is accessible via the WordPress administrator.

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  1. Fully Equipped with Nearly All of the features needed to run an Online Store

In the initial version, WooCommerce is packed with everything you require to operate an online store that is successful.

  1. Multiple Shipping Options

If you are able to provide quick and safe shipment, you make customers content and make their entire shopping experience worth it.

what is woocommerce and why should you use it2

What can WooCommerce do?

 The primary goal of the WooCommerce plug-in is the creation of an online store. Here are a few income streams online you can create with WooCommerce.

  1. Create an online store to sell Your Physical Products
  2. Sale of Digital Products
  3. Establish a Service-Based Store
  4. Set up amembership site
  5. Set up a subscription-based store

 WooCommerce Plugins

 Plugins can help you expand your store’s capabilities by adding new functions. WooCommerce is a plugin that expands the basic WordPress software by incorporating eCommerce features. If you want your shop to be really successful, there are several essential WooCommerce plugins to help optimize your online store.

 WooCommerce Shortcodes

 Shortcodes are tiny pieces of code that are placed on posts, pages or embedded in widgets for certain actions for the WordPress website. Shortcodes can be utilized in conjunction with WordPress plugins.


 WooCommerce is quick, efficient and has a lot of features that are free. You may also extend the power of WooCommerce with the premium plugins or those from third parties.

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