The Best WordPress Plugins For Building Your Marketing Lists

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Don’t know how to start building your marketing lists on WordPress? Here are the best plugins to keep in mind and tips on how it’s done. 

If you follow most business and marketing guru’s, they will tell you that email marketing is dying, sure open rates are dropping, and email service providers are putting in stricter restrictions on spam, so your chances of arriving in your prospects inbox are reducing.

But, email is still one of the most effective marketing methods available to you today.

You can control the message and the value you give to your audience.

Every successful business owner I know uses email marketing still to support and complement their other marketing strategies.

So now we’ve established it’s still worth building an email list to help you grow. We’ll look at the best plugins you can use on your website to gain new subscribers.

How to Create a Mailing List via your WordPress website?

Whatever your chosen strategy to convert your visitors into subscribers is, whether that’s giving away free content or pushing people towards a quote form.

The best plugins provide with a wide array of options, but at their core, they help you build your audience in multiple ways without learning to code and passing new subscribers into your CRM or email marketing tool of choice

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The Best Marketing and Mailing List Plugins Today

Convert Pro

A personal favourite of mine. Supporting almost all the major marketing services, including MailChimp, GetResponse, AWeber, Campaign Monitor, ConstantContact and more, the plugin is extremely popular due to the ease of use and the number of design options it provides you with.

Thrive Leads

If you want the best bang for your buck, Thrive Leads might be the best choice for you. The plugin has a multitude of useful features, such as test opinion forms, design templates, content styles and more. With an easy to use drag and drop editor, and additions, such as SmartLinks, Detailed Analytics and much more, Thrive Leads also offers another wide range of products for your online business.

Lead Pages

If building complete landing pages to generate your leads is the way you prefer things done, Lead Pages might be the perfect plugin for your website. With over 160 templates to choose from and an intuitive drag and drop platform, the plugin gives you the customizability needed to create the perfect marketing list landing page. One of its best features is that the plugin also provides you with popup options, SMS opt-in codes, one click signups and supports over 40 different marketing platforms and mailing services.

Bloom Email Opt-in

Using Elegant Themes or planning to join them? You might as well use their elegant pop-up marketing list plugin solution for WordPress. The plugin provides you with the option to rack your subscribers, have opt-in triggers and allows you to target specific content. While it doesn’t have some of the more advanced functionality of plugins such as Thrive Leads or Lead Pages, the plugin should be enough for simple mailing lists or other popup forms. Plus, its design templates are arguably amazing.

SUMO comes with a wealth of website tools. From topbar, welcome mats, pop-ups, slide-ins, heatmaps. You can set up multiple split tests to find your most successful calls to action. You have to pay to unlock more advanced features and  If you’re looking for more than just opt-in tools and a complete website analysis tool than SUMO might be the right tool for you

Optin Monster

Another powerful all-around plugin for managing your marketing lists on WordPress is Optin Monster. With some great features, including dynamic text replacement, content locking, display rules, opt-in forms, CSS designs, shortcode placement, page level targeting and split testing, among others, Optin Monster is a great choice for those who want the best of the best for their marketing lists management. What’s more, while not providing you with a landing page, the plugin has almost every other opt-in option and feature you might desire from a marketing list tool on your WordPress website.

Now that you have a better idea of the tools available to you – Go get those new subscribers

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