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Are you a star wars fan? I finally went to see it last weekend and it was awesome.

There is a scene where one of the hero’s is trapped and she has to use “The Force” to escape.  She uses her mind control powers to persuade the guard to free her from her shackles. How cool would that be!?

I know deep down all of us would love to be able to control people to get the small gains we need at certain times.

Like the waiter brings your bill quicker or when you’re trying to pay.
Persuade people to Buy Your stuff!

The options are unlimited for good and for bad!

Seeing as we don’t have these abilities, we have to do it the hard way.

One of the hardest tasks for a business owner is training people to do what you want them to do… and I don’t mean that in a dodgy Jedi mind trick kinda way.

I mean conditioning your users to do what you want them to do without thinking about it.

If you are running automated autoresponder email campaigns or just mass emailing your list once a week manually.

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One of the biggest battles you will face is…

1 Getting people to open your emails…

2 Getting them to actually click the links you want them to click.

With over a 100 billion emails being sent every day and the average user seeing over 50 emails a day. There’s no surprise people are overwhelmed with email now and ignore a lot of what they see.

So how do we get them from overwhelmed, to actually seeing you as more than just another name in an overly crowded inbox to someone they want to engage with.

Give them value

So much great free value, they actually look forward to your emails. This could be sharing your latest top tip, your latest client break through, whatever it is, if it can help them to take a step closer to their goals you’ll be a superstar in their eyes.

Giving great value is only one-half of the game.

You have to get them on your mailing list first and then make the first 3-4 contacts as impactful as possible.

Step One. Once they subscribe… tell them on the thank you page that they need to go check their email. Tell them who it’s coming from.

Step Two.  Encourage them to reply to your first email for an added bonus.

Or ask them a question. By getting an interaction, this will help your email provider to know you’re a safe sender and not a spammer.

Step Three. Tell them you will email them regularly.

Step Four. Include a link in every email you send. This again encourages engagement. But please don’t make this mistake that we’ve all been guilty of and 85% of business are guilty of, don’t send them back to youtube or social media accounts where they can get distracted.

You need to send them somewhere with your branding on so they build brand awareness of you and where you have a place where they can download another guide or discover more about another service you may be running.

You can even move the user from one list to another based on what they click on. This will help you to identify, what people are interested in and you can start sending more relevant information than the generic autoresponder.

Your most important tool to do this well.

If you’re email marketing tool can apply tags to clicks or some sort of automation that can move the user onto another list based on that click, you’re in a good place.

This means you can identify and send the right content the user is looking for, powerful stuff.

Best tools I’ve found to do this are:

Infusionsoft and recently discovered a tool we’re loving here in the office called, Convert Kit.

So the next time you sit down to write an email or funnel for your next free guide. Bear this in mind.

This is something I’ve been putting into place in our business now for the past few months and we can already see a marked increase in traffic, calls and most importantly sales.

It’s not a small piece of work and requires a sh*t tonne of thinking and doing but the rewards can be massive to your bottom line.

Thanks, Matt

PS. I’d love to hear how you’ve used your email marketing to help you engage more with your audience and how it’s helped you to

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