Top Middle and bottom of a marketing funnel

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TOFU MOFU BOFU I know, I know it sounds like some dodgy protein based vegetarian dish you’d buy from the local Chinese takeaway

But this is one of of the best, most accurate acronyms you’re ever likely to hear for marketing and sales funnels. It also helps to break something that can be very complex into manageable bite size chunks just like your Chinese supper.

No matter where you are in your business, when you run any marketing campaign an automated marketing and sales funnel can be a game changer for you and your sales. It not only moves prospects through your marketing machine, it will also save you hours of manual labour as well as many missed sales opportunities but it will help you to maintain and improve your relationship with new leads and customers.

Many business owners we work with fear the funnel – It sounds like too much work so they don’t even try.   Yes they can be very complex but an effective funnel can be very simple.

Sound good? Let’s break it down from the Tofu to the Bofu.

TOFU – Top Of Funnel. Awareness and Conversion

This is the starting point of the journey for you and your new prospects.

The place you will drive traffic to convert them into a new lead.

At this stage your main objective is to turn visitors to your website or landing pages into new prospects by either filling out a web form or giving you a call.

This is the widest stage of the funnel, so content doesn’t need to be dense. It should contain enough information to keep prospects engaged and interested enough to trade their details for your information.

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Key Elements Required

  • Landing Pages
  • Sign up forms around your website
  • Direct Mail campaign
  • Paid Traffic Campaign
  • Re-targeting

MOFU – Middle Of funnel – Relationship

Once your new subscriber enters Infusion you’ve successfully turned this from traffic you don’t control to traffic you do control. This is where the power is in your hands.

This is where you give your new subscriber as much value as possible to help educate them, cement the relationship and build trust. This new found trust will enable you to be more successful when you do hit the time you want to actually sell your product or service to your new found friend.

These selling points can be triggered quicker based on your user’s actions – they may click a link in an email which  then leap frogs them from the first email to the sales email. This could also send a notification to the sales team, automatically order a piece of direct mail, or both!

Key Elements Required

  • Sales Pages
  • Email Autoresponders to educate and drive to sales pages
  • Trigger Tags
  • Prospect Engagement – (Relationship Building)
  • Sales Team
  • Re-targeting
  • Direct Mail – Brochures, Product samples

BOFU – Bottom Of Funnel Sales and Customer Love

This is where things start to get real and will determine the true success of your marketing campaign.

This is the point where you’ve converted the prospect from a formal relationship into a transactional relationship, time to stand out and dazzle your new customer with some serious customer love. Send them a cake, some party poppers or even just a card. Make them feel special and you now have a golden opportunity to boost your sales with up-sells of other services you offer and problems you can solve.

Key Elements Required

  • Additional Up sell Sales Pages
  • Welcome email series
  • Drip training content
  • Customer Surveys
  • Welcome packs – thanks cards
  • Timed triggers to plan follow up calls.

So next time you’re sat with some sweet and sour chicken balls on your lap give your marketing funnels a thought. How can you automatically move your prospects from one point to another with the ultimate goal of making more sales.

If you need help putting together your marketing funnels please give me a shout – We’d be more than happy to help.

Thanks, Matt

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