Stop being selfish with your content

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Many people ask me should I be doing content marketing on my website.

The answer is 100% yes. The effects of sharing insightful and helpful information with potential clients or partners can have on your business can be life-changing.

It will

  1. Help you to get traffic to your website
  2. Help you to build subscribers
  3. Help you become an authority in your field
  4. Help you to win more sales

But it’s a lot of work.

Many people see the amount of work required to regularly producing content as a deterrent; they use excuses like I don’t like writing, I don’t know what to write about, or I haven’t got time.

The truth is that it doesn’t need to be so hard.

There are many ways to produce content for your audience. You can create written blog posts, podcasts, record videos of you speaking to a camera or produce how-to videos.

You can then get these audio or video files transcribed and then you have a video and blog post.

Whatever suits you and your style and that your most comfortable with is where you can focus first.

Stop being so selfish.

If you have an extensive knowledge of something, you need to share it with the world, by not sharing your experience you are depriving potential customers of finding the content they are looking for and denying your company of great marketing assets that will be used in all areas of your business for years to come.

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Great content works in the following ways for your business.

  • Authority – Sharing your knowledge and ideas helps to establish you as an authority in your market
  • Marketing –  A great way to get found, increase your website traffic, share your company’s skills and values. Also arms you with shareable content for social media and email autoresponders.
  • Sales – You can use your content to help aid you in the sales process
  • Staff training – Your material can be used in a great way to train new staff of your philosophies and methods of working

It’s not all about you.

Whenever I look at a lot of businesses blogs – They run selfish content that offers no real benefit to the user. All they do is announce their company news, we’ve won an award, we’ve got a new office blah blah blah.

The reality is that unless you are a massive company like a Tesla, or Google that are pushing technological advancements – no one cares apart from you and your team. People won’t be in a hurry to come to your website to find out what you’ve been up to recently.

If you want to continue to run these types of announcements, that’s fine but place it under a news tab and keep it away from your blog. You can announce company news on your social media accounts or via email.

The real purpose of your content is to give value.

Answer peoples questions

The idea of your blog is to educate your ideal clients about your services and answer any questions up front that they may have.

If they find answers on your site that they couldn’t find anywhere else, then you’re immediately catapulted to the top of their list.

Be open honest and transparent.

When writing your content, you need to be as upfront and open as you can.

If you are willing to share information that your competition is not ready to you will become more likeable and gain people’s trust.

Don’t be afraid to give people your costs or break down how different factors can affect prices of projects or services.

If a potential new client has read all of this and then contacts you – your job in closing the sale just got ten times easier.

Tips for writing helpful content for your audience

Write down a list of the most common questions that you receive from current customers or new enquiries. Sit down with your team and brainstorm the typical questions and you’ll end up with a lot more ideas than you think you will.

Find out what people are searching for. – You can use tools like Answer the public to find highly searched

Find out what is the most popular type of content that people are sharing. Look at BuzzSumo and see what people are liking.

If you have a decent amount of traffic to your website look at your Google Analytics account, which of your articles got the most hits.

Which of your free giveaways gets the most downloads. Can you break this down into more in-depth articles?


To see the real benefits of marketing your business using content marketing you have to be consistent.

A lot of people write a couple of blog posts; the floodgates don’t open, so they quit.

The amount of work required to keep producing content can be hard, but if you commit to creating one piece of material a week, you will soon start to see some momentum.

Your audience will learn to expect your email at a specific time and day of the week.

Google will also begin to love you for the fresh content you keep adding, and you will be more likely to rank higher up for the common search terms you cover.

Don’t forget to share it with the world.

The second part of producing content for your business is making sure you use it.

Share it on social media. Get some nicely designed thumbnails set up and schedule your content with something like Meet Edgar.

Use it in your email marketing – Once you’ve loaded the content into your site, make sure to add it to your General Nurture Campaign. Over time this will build up and then you’ll have weeks and months of content automatically going out to new subscribers without you having to do a thing.

Use it as part of your lead generation strategy. Great content can be used to drive traffic to your site. Place you optins around your content – This is known as a content upgrade.

Use it in your sales processes. – Share valuable articles that you feel the user may find beneficial or insightful

You can also look to repurpose your content in lots of different ways across multiple social media accounts.  I highly recommend you take a look at the content 10x website for more information on how to do this.

To Wrap up

Content marketing is a great way to market your business – Your content will help to establish you as a company that values what the customers say.

Keep the content focused on your ideal client and not about you or what you think they want to read.

Interview your team to try and find regular questions you receive from clients and

All you have to do is turn up consistently.

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