ChatGPT – What Does It Mean For SEO

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If you’ve not heard of ChatGPT, where have you been?!

ChatGPT is massive right now and it’s because we’ve never had free access technology quite like it before. It stands for Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer and it’s an artificial intelligence chatbot developed by OpenAI. 

ChatGPT was launched in November 2022. Since then, it’s been attracting huge media attention due to it being the most fine-tuned and effective version of a language processing tool that’s been created up to now. It uses both supervised and reinforcement learning techniques to develop its own artificial intelligence for creating content and providing information.

Serving more than 1 million users within 5 days of its launch, clearly something about ChatGPT is exciting businesses all over the world.

Using ChatGPT And Other AI Writing Tools

It might sound like a solution to copywriting woes. A tool that takes the hassle out of producing content. But is it really that simple?

Yes and no.

Yes, ChatGPT does produce unique content based on your instruction. 

Need a piece written about the history of the Victoria sponge? With only a few instructional lines of input, a comprehensive article churns out within a matter of seconds.

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It’s quite exciting and you can find yourself “testing” ChatGPTs skills for hours. It’s seriously impressive what it’s capable of putting together at lightning speed!

But that doesn’t mean it’s good. 

Like any tool, it’s only as good as the person wielding it. A writer might own a drill, but that doesn’t make them an expert builder. A builder might have a ChatGPT account, but that won’t make them an expert writer.

In the hands of someone who knows what they’re doing, ChatGPT can create the basis of great articles and give both valuable information and great ideas for content. 

What it can’t do, is give you a finished, well-written end product.

How Will AI Written Content Affect SEO?

As it stands currently, Google doesn’t differentiate between AI copy and human copy. So for now at least, your AI-written blog or web page will be indexed much like your human-written content.

ChatGPT can use keywords, both short and longtail (longtail are more like sentences), and it can even suggest links if you request them. The more detailed your instruction, the closer you’ll get to a piece of writing that ticks the boxes. 

But. Sigh, there’s always a but.

Google didn’t invest squillions in its platform (which prides itself on returning the highest quality content in response to searches) to just allow AI bot writers to flood the internet with mediocre copy.

It’s anticipated that as quickly as AI copy is added to the world wide web (Google even has its own AI chatbot ‘Bard’), Google will find a way to mark it as AI-generated.

In fact, there’s talk of algorithm watermarking. Much like stock images that have a logo emblazoned on them, in the not-too-distant future, your AI-generated content will have a ‘code’ embedded into it. You won’t see it, it’s hidden in phrases and even punctuation, but it’ll be there. And it may mean your content is ranked differently.

So, Should You Avoid ChatGPT?

No. But proceed with caution. You can experiment with it. See what comes up when you give it a command and have some fun with it. You’ll no doubt be pretty blown away and excited by all of the opportunities. 

But be careful not to get carried away with it. Think about how impressive that copy would be with the added skill, talent and expertise that a professional writer has.

ChatGPT will be used by millions of people, including your competitors. If you are all giving it similar instructions and briefs and no one is fine-tuning or ‘humanising’ the copy, you’re all going to sound the same. All of a sudden your investment in branding is wasted.

Now, ChatGPT can and will speed up the copy and content process, which means that your content writer can deliver better value. 

Or maybe you’d rather stick with the creativity and originality that can only come from a human, because there’s immeasurable value in that.

ChatGPT Is Only The Beginning

There’s going to be a lot more where this came from and the tech industry is going to be using AI in more fantastic and imaginative ways. So why not embrace the new tools that will make our lives easier and find productive ways to use them for our benefit? 

Just make sure that AI isn’t taking the heart and soul out of your work. Humans will always be able to tell when something isn’t quite right and it could be disastrous for your business if people start to suspect that you’re really a robot!

ChatGPT is an excellent programme to use for copy… as long as you know what you’re doing.

If you want to improve your SEO with content, have a chat with us about how we can get you scaling the rankings.

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