Boost Your Subscribers With Content Upgrades

Want a way to boost the amount of new subscribers you’re getting while giving awesome extra value back to your users, all at the same time?

You are blogging away and not seeing the fruits of your labour. Your traffic and subscriber lists aren’t growing, no matter what you do. – Does this sound like you?

50% of websites are blogs or contain blogs. That’s a sh*t load of content being pushed out daily! The fight for attention has never been harder. This is why blogs are becoming less effective as a lead generation tool for your business.

A simple ‘get updates’ box sign up form on the side of your blog will no longer cut it – people see these daily and are tired of getting spammed by people with the next best thing (I signed up for an eBook last week and received 8 emails in one day! A little excessive)

Now I’m sure the content that this guy gave was great but the invasion put me off him straight away – Who has time to read 8 emails from the same person in one day?!

Anyway enough of my rant now – with numbers dwindling in sign-ups across blogs how do you regain these lost subscribers?

Give even more value and make people think you’re awesome… But HOW Matt?

The answer is… Give more value via a Content Upgrade.

So what is a Content Upgrade?

It is as simple as it sounds – it gives the user the chance to get a more in-depth look at the subject you are covering in your blog article.

So, for example, you may have a blog post called the 9 Mistakes To Avoid with your onsite SEO – a great in-depth article that explains the most common SEO mistakes.

The user may read this and get great value from it – however – most people (even if they loved your post) will share it and move on, never to return.

What if you turned this blog post into a simple 9 part checklist that the user could download, print out and put on their desk – and all they have to do is exchange their email address for the checklist.

Boom – even more great relevant value to the user and valuable data for you to remarket to.

The beauty of this lies in the fact that the upgraded content is massively more relevant to the user so they get even more value and this then helps you to pinpoint what that user is interested in with laser-like precision – hey, if they’ve read the blog post and downloaded the guide – they want to know about SEO.

Examples of Content Upgrades

  • A value email may have a subtle promotion to a Video course or ebook
  • Checklists relevant to the blog post
  • Free eBook expanding on the blog post
  • A link to a podcasts
  • A free video course looking at the subject in more detail.
  • A link to a paid product or service


Where to place your Content Upgrades?

Inside the post

They can simply be links to your free guides. Or you can place image ads inside your post with something relevant that doesn’t stand out as an obvious ad.

digital-marketer-content-upgrade (1).png

Digital marketers do this really well with their blog posts – the image below actually links through to one of their $27 products. The beauty of this is that the ad is relevant to the post and offers extra value.

At the bottom of the post

Add a sign-up box at the bottom of your blog post

[widgets_on_pages id=”EBOOK Blogging”]

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