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Project Summary

Redwing Solutions is a specialised HR company focusing uniquely on small businesses and the early years sector. They have a brand persona that is both fun and quirky.

Redwing Solutions was confronted with a challenge – their existing HR website design needed to live up to the brand’s potential. It had navigational issues, and the online interface could have been more optimal. So, our task was to enhance the user experience and align it more closely with Redwing Solutions’ distinctive brand identity.

In the redesign, we carefully reflected Redwing Solutions’ unique branding more prominently. Utilising the existing styles, shapes, and colours, we refined the website to make it more navigable and engaging. So now, there is a more tailored navigation menu appearing, allowing for a more intuitive and focused user journey.

Our efforts were centred on streamlining the navigation process. The website now offers different menu options based on user choices, such as whether they are interested in HR resources, workshops or advice etc. This improved navigation serves to guide the user more effectively through the site.

Beyond the core improvements, the website now features a knowledge centre that receives weekly updates. The existing e-commerce shop has also been refined, offering a range of guides and resources.

In summary, the revamped website successfully addresses the initial challenges. It has been optimised to offer a more engaging and intuitive user experience while remaining true to Redwing Solutions’ brand.

How we helped


  • Improved website navigation for a more intuitive user journey
  • Enhanced alignment with Redwing Solutions’ unique branding
  • Tailored menu options based on user preferences
  • Introduction of a knowledge centre with weekly updates
  • Refined e-commerce shop offering valuable resources
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