3 Reasons Why Email Marketing Still Matters in 2023

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Email marketing has existed for many years, and some may believe it has lost its value in the current digital age. However, this marketing automation still matters now and remains an effective method to reach out to customers and prospects. Today, we’ll explore three reasons why email marketing is still relevant in 2023:

Cost-Effective Promotion

Email marketing costs less than traditional methods such as print or radio advertising. There are no printing or postage costs, and you don’t need to hire a team of people to distribute your content. All your team needs is an email marketing platform and a list of subscribers! Then, create your materials, select your audience list, and press send!

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Personal Approach

When you email someone, you speak directly to them; they are more likely to pay attention to what you say. Even if it is considered marketing automation, you can divide your audience into different groups based on their interests, behaviour, and demographics. This allows you to send targeted messages relevant to each group, increasing the chances of engagement and conversion.

Personalisation is a key component of successful email marketing. A study by Epsilon discovered that personalised emails have an open rate of 29 percent, compared to 22 percent for non-personalised emails. Personalisation can be as simple as addressing the recipient by their first name or more complex, like recommending products based on their purchase history.

Measurable Results

After sending an email campaign, you can track the open rate, click-through rate, conversion rate, and other metrics to see how well your campaign performs. This allows you to make data-driven decisions about your marketing strategy and adjust your campaigns accordingly.

Measuring the success rate of your campaigns is essential for improving ROI. By analysing your metrics, you can identify which subject lines, content, and calls to action resonate with your audience and make changes to improve your future campaigns. This can help you to increase engagement, conversion, and revenue over time.

High Scalability

Whether you have a small business with a few hundred subscribers or a large enterprise with millions of subscribers, you can use email marketing to reach your audience at scale. With the right platform, your team can automate your campaigns, segment your audience, and send targeted messages to different groups.

In addition, email marketing is a great way to stay on top of mind with your audience. By sending regular emails, you can remind subscribers about your products or services and keep them engaged with your brand. This can increase brand loyalty and advocacy, leading to more repeat business and referrals.

Automate Your Marketing with MELT

Overall, email marketing is still a relevant and effective marketing channel in the digital age. It offers a range of benefits, including cost-effectiveness, personalisation, measurability, scalability, and the ability to stay top of mind with your audience. You can drive your business’s engagement, conversion, and revenue by incorporating email marketing into your overall marketing strategy.

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