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I was running a training course last week on web design and I got chatting to one of the delegates about the local restaurants she should visit while she’s in town.

I recommended the local Italian restaurant that I love and she scoffed and replied “are you joking have you seen their website! I’d be worried I’d get food poisoning!”

Now this reply was a tad on the extreme but it highlighted to me the way we as human beings judge and make decisions based on first impressions.

The Italian restaurant I mention does have a sh*t website, however – their food is friggin’ awesome! I blame their home-made lasagne for the extra pound or two I’m now carrying around my belly!

I have offered them a new website in exchange for food for life but the owner just mutters some Italian (probably translates to ‘piss off silly tall man’ – with added expletives!)

The reason he won’t take me up on this offer isn’t his fear that I’ll eat him dry but he sees no need for a good website.

Sadly for him – his ignorance is costing him missed sales.

A Good Marketing Focused Website is a crucial cog in your marketing!

A good website will do 3 things for your business

  • Give you instant credibility and personality
  • Help you to start a relationship with potential customers
  • Generates leads and sales for your business.

How well is your website doing any of the above?

If you are serious about having an effective online marketing strategy your website has to be optimised to engage with visitors, encourage them to leave their details in exchange for great value and then have the right tools in place to automate your follow up.

An ineffective website could be costing you thousands of pounds in lost sales and leads for your business.

I could go on and on about the importance of having an effective website for your business but I’ll leave you with this…

What are people thinking when they see your website?

If you’d like to know more about how to improve your website:

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Matt the Web WizardPS. If you’d like to find out if your website is giving your company the right first impression – why don’t your let me take a look for you with my website review service. You can click here to get your very own website review.

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