How To Optimise Landing Pages For Paid Traffic

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I run Google Adwords and Facebook Ads for business owners that want more leads and more customers.

And while the bulk of my technical work focusing on the construction of the various ad campaigns, one of the things that I’ll always play close attention to is one of the things that has a huge impact on the success of the ad campaign:

The landing page.

You can create the best Adwords or Facebook campaign in the world, but if you’re sending all your traffic to a rubbish landing page, it’s not going to work.

With that in mind, I’ve pulled together a list of five things you need to consider when creating landing pages that you’re sending paid traffic to.

Tick these off, and you’ll give your landing page a lot more chance of converting:

Is the landing page clearly relevant to the original search enquiry or advert?

When people use Adwords, they are looking for something specific, and if your landing page doesn’t offer that specific thing (or doesn’t appear to), then the chances are that they’re going to click off and start their search again elsewhere.

That’s why it’s vital to make sure that your landing page is overtly relevant to what the person searched for on Adwords, and is congruent with the ad copy that got them to click the ad in the first place.

You need to get really specific here, as the more general you are, the more wasted traffic you have.

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If someone has searched for a green leather handbag, send them to a singular page/category of pages that are focusing ONLY on green leather handbags. This relevance plays a major part in quality scoring, relevance scoring and what you will pay for your traffic.

When it comes to Facebook, you clearly don’t have any search terms to match, but you must match the Facebook Ad copy with what’s on the landing page – if they aren’t congruent, then you’ll get bounces.

Be clear on the objective of the page

What is that you want someone to do as a result of visiting the page?

To buy?  To enquire?  To download something?

Get really clear on the singular action you want them to take, and then focus all of your efforts on getting them to take that action.

If people know exactly what the next step is, then they’re more likely to take it.

Assert your credibility

Who are you?

Why should I buy from you?

Why should I listen to you of all the people that I could buy this from?

These are all questions present in your visitor’s head, whether conscious or subconscious, and it’s vital that they get answered in the copy you use on your page.

Use testimonials

No one trusts companies anymore, which is hard when you know you do a good job for your customers.  But the key to overcoming this problem lies within those existing customers.

Use customer testimonials liberally on your landing page, as a visitor is way more likely to trust a genuine testimonial with name, photo, business name (if appropriate) and location included.

When soliciting testimonials for your landing page, it’s important to make them specific to the product or service you want to offer on that page.

Your product or service in action

One important way to prove to your visitor that they’re in the right place is to use a case studies or videos that are relevant to the topic of the page, and the subject that they searched for.

This allows your visitor to see that they’re not just in the right place, but how and why the product or service you’re advertising can be used, or is being used by others.

So there you have it – five pointers for more effective paid traffic landing pages.  Good luck with the conversions!

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