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Project Summary

Client: Jamie Reeves
Tech Used: Wordpress – Infusionsoft

Jamie approached us requesting a re-skin design for his website Рas to not affect his SEO or multiple landing pages not visible in the navigation bar. He wanted his website to appear modern, approachable and energetic  Рto resemble exactly how they are when they sing and perform and weddings. Jamie had a video cut in short seconds to sit as the header video on the home page.
This video header has proven popular and is an extremely beneficial way to immediately describe your business in less than 5 seconds. It displays the fun, the variety and togetherness that people seek as special occasions.

The date picker is a key call to action in the sticky navigation bar of the website. It stays in the users view point as they scroll down the page. The date picker itself is a two step form and removes unnecessary steps of back and forth communication. Infusionsoft then kicks into gear with a funnel of emails to stay in the users mind as they leave the site and are encouraged to return many weeks later.


Best Singing Waiters Mobile Website Design

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Wedding Singers Website Design
Wedding Singers Website Design And Development

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