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terp tree

terp tree

Project Summary

  • Client: Victoria Williams
  • Technology Used: Wordpress - Active Campaign, WooCommerce, Facebook ads Wordpress - Infusionsoft

terp tree provide world class deaf customer service via education, training, support and management techniques.

Victoria sought our help as she needed a large amount of design, web development and marketing strategies to put into place with her business. The Success Plan was the right decision for Victoria and allowed her to free up her hours in the day to focus on what she does best – running the business. We have designed and built the new terp tree website along with some new projects that are currently in development..

Victoria frequently updates the blog with posts she has written and filmed for terp tree TV to show her viewers that she is active on the website and happy to be communicated with. There are plenty of calls to action around the website including the lead baits we designed for Victoria. These have been beneficial in getting the users into the top of the funnel and out into conversions via Infusionsoft remarketing emails.  

How We Helped

  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Infusionsoft Integration
  • Marketing Automation
  • Lead Bait Design
  • Newsletter Design
  • Success Plan

The team at Melt are always on hand to give progress reports and make any necessary design changes as well.

We have worked with Melt design now for just under a year and have been super impressed by the way that they work.  Communication is key so that we know where things are at, and the team at Melt are always on hand to give progress reports and make any necessary design changes as well.
Melt have worked on a range of projects for us from website design, logo design, newsletters, articles, case studies and marketing information and we have found all of it to be of a high quality and we have also enjoyed the process to get us to the finished product.

Victoria Williamsterp tree


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