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Go Localise

Go Localise

Project Summary

Go Localise provide a voice over and translation service covering a wide variety of languages and voice over artists. Davids previous website was full of content that needed to be managed and displayed in a cleaner and more organised manner. With plenty of blogs, videos and mp3 clips covering a variety of accents as well as languages – this project needed multiple custom post types. This also allowed them to spring clean and organise their content making management simple and the user journey simplified.

We built the website in WordPress with a detailed search filter in the navigation bar as well as a main call to action to get a quote.  Overall this was a very detailed project with help from David and his team to ensure that all content was categorised correctly; by keeping the previous site on a staging site until we had ensured all content was cross matched.

How We Helped

  • Website Design
  • Website Development

Now we are able to properly filter leads and qualify them better.

The new website has been easier to amend as the functionality on Wordpress is simple to edit when adding new voice over artists. The website is quicker and easier to navigate as we have lots of content and samples to listen to. It was good to have a thorough clear out and organise all of our outdated audio/video files. Now we are able to properly filter leads and qualify them better.

David Garcia-Gonzalez Go Localise


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